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  1. ok i spoke too soon..... so today i try to play my guitar again and same problem i am going to try and redo the firmware again see if it will work but why would i need to install firmware to make the amp produce sound..... is there something that could be causing this?
  2. actually nevermind i hooked it up to my computer via midi and reinstalled the firmware and works like a charm now. false alarm
  3. ok so plugged in my dt50 for the first time in a number of weeks the yesterday and im getting no sound...... the board and switches seem to be lighting up and switching channels like they should but the is just no sound coming from the speaker...... i have looked at both fuses and both seem to be in tact and all tube are glowing when the amp is on....... has anyone had this happen to them? or is there any advice that could be thrown my way? also is there anywhere near the knoxville area that can service these things that anyone knows of? thanks in advance
  4. Awesome thank you!!! I figured there was a way to do it I just didn't know exactly how to make it work lol..... I run mono most of the time anyway I usually only do stereo when I record or am using my studio monitors for output
  5. So when I got my dt50 amp I decided to get a 500x to go with I'm still learning some things but have a pretty good grip on it I think, mostly I run L6 link and dt50 or if I'm recording or want to utilized the stereo effects I'll use the pod as an interface with ableton or use my studio monitors straight from the pod with xlrs. I am saving up for a decent smaller pa system but in the meantime I ran across a used Peavey solo personal pa system cheap and grabbed it it's a battery or plug powered speaker basically, but built kinda like a small amp https://peavey.com/solo-portable-pa-system/p/00476100 I'm got it mainly for vocals while I save up for a real pa and for small venues or busking... it doesn't sound bad honestly and seeing as how my music room is small anyway it really works perfect Anyway what I was wondering is there a way for me to use my dt50 with l6 link and also use just a vocal line with effects ran to the Peavey? I can run the mic straight to the Peavey and it does the job but I was wondering if it could work in conjunction with the 500x while I was using the dt50 with l6 link for my guitar?
  6. You mean since it isn't two speakers in separate places like " true" stereo or is it not even that? Doesn't really matter since I sold the spider amp anyway just curious
  7. Honestly I don't need stereo or anything the reason I wanted the dt50 in the first place was so I could have that old-school analog mono tube feel with some modern added to make it better lol....... My dt50 212 is rediculous loud even louder than my spider 212 was which was supposed to be 150 watt stereo like you said...... If I ever just need the stereo for a particular effect or sound I just plug my 500x into my pa or my studio monitors but rarely ever do I want to do that I'm a pretty modest player as far as tones go a good blues, good metal and good clean are pretty much 80percent of my style lol...... I Appreciate the reply I just wanted to know a little more about the specifics is all after getting my dt amp I started researching amps solid st and tube and exactly what they do and was just wondering about that is all
  8. I use my pod500x through my monitors alot while recording and sometimes just straight through the monitors they are sterling mx5s so kinda similar to what your looking at..... I think they are fine you couldn't use it in a band setting of course but like I said for recording or jamming in a small space it doesn't get much better monitors are frfr, from my understanding that is what you want so I say go for it honestly I think it's a cost effective way to actually use the stereo effects the pod has (just make sure to get two)...... I also have a dt50 for when I need to really get some noise but it is mono so some of the effects don't work quite right but it does have a damn nice tube sound and amp replication
  9. So I was wondering if someone might help me understand something a bit better....... So let me say that my dt50 212 is my first tube type amp....... Every other amp I've ever had has been a solid state.... Which I believe is why I am a bit confused...... Anyway so I know that with the spider 3 212 I had it was supposed to be 150 watts..... Which what I understood was basically like having two of the 75 watt 112 spider 3s in one amp, or 75 watts per channel I guess..... Correct me if I'm wrong on that......... But how exactly is it that the dt amps work in this aspect.. for instance, are the 112 dt50 and 212 dt50 basically the very same setup just the 112 has one speaker and the 212 has 2 speakers wired to be one speaker (talking in lame men's terms here) or is it like the spiders where the dt212 is really 100 watts 50 per each speaker and the dt112 is 50 watts for just one speaker? Sorry if this is dumb to ask im still learning alot about the technical aspects of my gear I appreciate all answers and input
  10. ok so ive been getting my feet wet doing some recording...... im just using the pod hd500x as my audio interface for now..... i am using ableton live 10 lite my setup is two sterling mx5 monitors that i am plugged into using the left and right balanced xlr connections....... i am getting sound coming through the speakers and am getting a recording signal...... what i cant figure out is that wether or not i have monitoring turned on or off the guitar signal comes through the monitors.... and when i turn the monitoring on for the guitar track it sounds like it has two signals........ can anyone give me some adive as to what im doing wrong i would like for the guitar signal to only come out when i turn on monitoring..... or is that even posssible the way i have things ran? something in the settings i need to adjust maybe? thanks for any and all help
  11. I have a question about the dt 2.0 firmware update.......... I picked up a 1to 1 midi usb interface today because I want to do the firmware update...... However since I have the pod hd500x I don't want to change anything with the amp as far as how it is set up stock right now.......... I am happy with the 4 voicings/ 2 channel set up it has as just the amp and if I want something different I use the pod500x, but I would like the option to change things in the future if I decide to do so without the pod....... My question is.... If I do the firmware update will it change any of the sounds/settings or anything until I actually go in and change it around via an editor program or midi controller........ Just asking incase it would be in my best interest to just leave it as is
  12. Noted looks like I have one about 3 hours away that isn't too bad....... But honestly I want everything to be done right..... I'd rather put in alittle extra to know I'm good for sure
  13. I second this even tho it's something I wouldnt do personally I don't live anywhere near line 6 service center either it would be nice to have a schematic to give the professionals in town or for them to be able to get access to one.........
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