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  1. Does this update not apply to hx effects? I tried to update it but says 3.60 is only available
  2. so i tried reinstalling everything and still hd edit never appeared........... what i ended up doing was just going through my program files and deleting them manually........ no any idea how to remove line 6 uninstaller?
  3. I actually tried that earlier im pretty sure but ill try to reinstall it again and see if that makes a difference
  4. well, pretty much what the title says.......... i sold my 500x so im trying to remove old line 6 stuff from my computer i dont need any longer. i try to use the l6 unistaller, but it doesnt show up there and it also doesnt show up in windows uninstaller either
  5. Nevermind i returned the yamaha and found a mission ep1 l6 for sale used locally hopwfully that will fix my issue
  6. Hey i need some advice with adding an expression pedal to my hx fx unit........ so i went to guitar center and they had nothing instock except for a used ernie ball mvp volume/expression pedal..... bought it, brought it home and couldnt get it to work..... so i returned it...... i called every music store in town with noone having anything except this place called rushes who had a yamaha fc7 expression pedal...... i thought for sure it would work considering yamaha and line6 are together now........ still nothing....... am i doing wrong? I am plugging it into the pedal/ext amp inputs..... choosing it in settings and nothing happens........ i find it odd that now two pedals havent worked
  7. IIm gonna see if i can get in touch with the closest service center which if i remember correctly is in rome georgia....... im in knoxville tn.......... maybe i would be able to just send them the amp without the chasis and save a trip and some money ill let you know what they tell and what i get worked out..... i appreciate the replys....
  8. But i didnt.......... it started doing that before i ever touched the amps tubes or pulled the chassis and even then i didnt touch anything inside of it except the bias trimmer and probe points and honestly the only reason i did that was to see if new tubes would make it do something....... Gotta be honest i think running the mullard tubes has screwed it up....... i wish i would have checked more thoroughly when i bought the amp to see what power tubes were in place....... i just assumed it was the correct ones
  9. Its always read as a dt212 until recently when it started screwing up.. yes it was in standby when i tryed the firmware.... it hasnt been to a shop since it has been in my posession which has been about two years i guess...the weird dt112 thing makes me think something has really gone haywire..... the tubes were matched pairs and i changed all the tubes it didnt help anything...... it does have a 2010 manufacturing date so the amp is pretty old At this point The big problem is the closest line6 repair place is 3hours away...... so by the time i drive 3 hours drop it off drive 3 hours home...... then when its fixed another 3 hours and 3 back again. I would have more in gas and time and repair bills then the amp is even worth........ i was hoping changing tubes and bias would work but it didnt....... I appreciate the reply by the way
  10. Ok so there is alot i gotta put here im gonna try and summarize alot and still make sense lol..... so i recently decided to try and sell my amp as i dont use it alot mainly because its so big..... well a few months ago i was having to let it warm up for 5+ mins and then trouble with it not making sound at all but it worked again if i reinstalled firmware.... so i went a few months didnt touch it then wanted to sell so i turn it on to test it...... no sound again....... i reinstall firmware and it works......kinda..... it doesnt sound right at all sounds electronic and distorted even on the clean channel........then it stops completely and nothing i do letti g it warm up or firmware does anything.......... so i figure maybe the tubes are bad although they light up and look fine..... i go to pull them out and realise the power tubes are mullard brand which i know is bad news for these amps i just never actually checked....... the guy i bought it from had said it was serviced so im assuming they were put in then..... i put some new eh el34 and pres in and bias to 35mv still nothing..... so i thought maybe ill try firmware....... when i tryed the firmware this time it wouldnt even read as a dt50 212 kept saying parameters have changed and reading it as a dt112......... so i guess what im asking is...... is this thing pretty much screwed from those mullard tubes??? I dont really wanna spend any money on it taking it to a shop as i just got a new marshall amp anyway..... i was hoping replacing the tubes would do it but it didnt....... might just take the guts out and use it as a cab......
  11. Actually this amp is no longer for sale it took a crap lol now it seems it is just spare parts
  12. Dt50 tube amp w hd500x - musical instruments - by owner - sale (
  13. ive decided to sale my dt50 212 and hd500x and go a different route the amp is due for a tube change but is in good working condition. as is the hd500x asking 300 for the dt50 212 and 150 for the hd500x located in the knoxville tn area call or text jesse 8653478636 or email
  14. ok i spoke too soon..... so today i try to play my guitar again and same problem i am going to try and redo the firmware again see if it will work but why would i need to install firmware to make the amp produce sound..... is there something that could be causing this?
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