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  1. Not yet. IF I can get a decent sound from Helix on FOH, I planned to use this output for a FRFR monitor box, so I really would not like to feed the FOH from there. But for testing I could try it, of course. But I also have XLR adapters to use with line-in, when there was no other way to avoid phantom power on two of those PAs (most drummers use some condensator mics ...). Would this work, too? I can de-assign the volume knob from XLR alright, thanks for the hint.
  2. Many thanks for taking your time to answer this. - I always check that phantom power is off at my channels, first thing ever. - Mic level. Okay, this sounds like a good thing to start with - There is no input clipping as far as the mixing console's settings and clipping LED are concerned. General volume of Helix is set on 2/3. Still, clipping is audible, but I have no idea, at which point it is striking in ... - flat ... no boosts or FX are set on my channels, but setting all EQs to "flat" will result in even worse sounds. - the sound of the PAs were good. Voices and keys sound perfect. Only Helix does not. - I tried even to program a new setting in band rehearsal, together with my band mates at actual live volume. I even cannot find a single amp model which would sound good from the start. So there is a problem elsewhere in the Helix and I fail to locate it.
  3. Oh boy. I'm in a mess. I have been trying to plug in my HELIX in three different FOHs of three different bands now ... and it ALWAYS sounded like perfect lollipop. I always had to kick out the Helix and go by classical tube amp in the end, I never succeeded to get a decent sound, no matter, if those sounds were of my own programming or factory presets or even Jason Sadites presets. And the PAs were very different from each other, there was one huge one from the late 70ies, one compact one from the 90ies and one very new Dynacord powermixer. The problems were very different, but could in no case be solved, no matter, what I tried. On one PA (70ies) the Helix sounded damp, no dynamics, like some badly adjusted, old transistor amp, and on the Dynacord it sounds dull with some strange frequencies and some clipping, although input gain is set very low and there is no clipping on my headphones or studio monitors at home. I have no FRFR yet and I won't buy one, unless I am convinced, that going with a HELIX into FOH really will get me a great sound and not laughter from my band mates. But I am far from being convinced after all my bad experiences. Friend of mine has a Kemper, just plugs in, sounds great from the start. Forget Fletcher Munson, it just works! Furthermore, on no PA did I get adequate pressure like with my tube amps. Only volume ... Did I buy the wrong gadget??? Or am I just too stupid to check out, how this connection can be performed satisfactorily? I found out some problems such as phantom power and how to avoid them, but no overall solutions. So I would be VERY thankful for some instuctions on how to dial in the perfect XLR output signal. I know that the problem IS HELIX based, because the keyboard sound as they should. A Kemper sounds as it should. But not the Helix. There are so many possibilities that maybe I just lack the correct combination of settings to get it done ... So, if anyone could help me with a list of settings (such as: Should the XLR output better be on MIC or LINE? I tried both, but there is obviously more to think about ...). How need the global settings be set? How to balance frequencies on the mixing console on one hand and on general EQ on the other hand? How should I set the large global volume wheel? I love the Helix, it is quite easy to use and gets me the results, I want, when doing recording (USB connection), but live ... as I said, it's a mess and a drag.
  4. Wow, sounds promising, I will give it a try, as soon as I'll have the helix connected to my computer again. Thanks so much!
  5. Well, a multi-output signal is no option at the moment. But I will try a low pass filter, combined with an EQ to see whether that can get me anywhere. Thanks!
  6. Well, I am no expert, but I heard that it is possible to set an EQ in a way that a standard recording is turned into a karaoke version by just filtering out the voices' frequencies. If this is possible, filtering out deep notes should be possible, too, shouldn't it? I just have no idea how to set an EQ like this ...
  7. Folks, I got a special problem. I am a guitarist (mostly rhythm guitar) and since several months our band cannot find a good bassist. I am considering the following idea: signal path A should go by 4cm into the amp (standard guitar amp) signal path B is used to produce a bass sound (octaver, compressor, bass amp simulation --> directly into FOH) Problem is: I would want only the low notes of the guitar going into the bass signal path to not mudden the bass sound up. So I would need some filter that is letting through only the notes I play on the low E- and A-string in the range of little more than an octave. Meaning, every note that is played, that is higher than let's say f# should be filtered out. So I still could play chords, while signal path B would only process single line bass notes. That's about the idea. My question is: Can that be realized with a Helix and if so ... HOW?
  8. Glad, you tell me. I was already looking for a possibility to mark it as solved, I just can't find one. Seems well hidden. Can you tell me, where this option can be found?
  9. Okay, here is the pic ... AND the solution. With a hint from the facebook group I found the problem: The A/B-switch was - on some snapshots - set to "off". I never would have thought that you can bypass the switch at all, because the bypass option here is completely illogical. Bypassing has the same effect as "A/B even" and is therefore not needed. I must have hit the bypass button accidently and so deactivated the path switch. Problem is, you hardly can see the difference onscreen :-/. Well now it is working exactly as intended. Thanks for all your comments and help!
  10. Well, I have set it on "discard", because I tend to fool around with my snapshots and don't want the result saved most of the time. So I got used to use the "save"-button many, many times when editing. I doublechecked, that every snapshot was saved manually and permanently, when having a better result than before. After each saving I even go back to snapshot 1 and save again even without having changed anything, to make sure that the preset starts with snapshot 1. So I am pretty sure, that this error possibility can be ruled out.
  11. Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately it opens new questions for someone like me, who is definitely not a Helix nerd: How can a parameter, which is explicitely programmed, NOT be in the snapshot, when saved? How can I check / correct this problem? How can this special parameter show up correctly in the Helix' display, but the sound output comes out differently? How could it be possible, that a snapshot works correctly when used for the first time (1-2-3) and falsely, when used after a different snapshot (1-2-3-2)??? I understand that it could be a problem of initialization, but how to diagnose this?
  12. Unfortunately not or not yet. Problem is, that the HELIX is located in our rehearsal room. Due to my absence from town I will not have access to it for a while. Unfortunately my settings can be programmed and tested only with the PA and amp at hand, so I have it rarely at home. I'll try to get to it within a week.
  13. Yep, that's the effect, nice find. But meanwhile - see statement above - I have found the solution within the Helix without using an external pedal. Thanks a lot!
  14. Dear Helix (floor) experts, I need your help, having an issue on the A/B-switch. I'll describe my setup first: I am using the helix (2.53) in dual mode: 1 signal path goes usually directly into FOH, the other one is used to feed my amp by 4-cable-method (4CM). That gives a nice, fat sound, like 3 rhythm guitarists playing unisono. In my setlist I use a preset for every single song we play and do the in-song-changing (amp channel and master volume [MIDI], FX etc.) with snapshots. Task & solution: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I am supposed to play the opener and I have 3 signal paths planned for this to get huge, spacey sounds out of my guitar and helix. One (path 2) is used for a synthesizer pad sound (no guitar signal in) by 3 OSC synth (XLR out into FOH). This one should not concern us anymore, works exactly as it should. The other signal path 1 (guitar input) is split up (A/B switch): Path 1A (above) is feeding the signal into a FX chain, the output goes directly into FOH (XLR left/right). Works fine, too. Path 1B of this signal path is going by SEND/RETURN 1 and some FX into my amp (1/4" out). This one works as well. The 4 snapshots and their sequence would be: 1: start with path 1A (FX - A/B switch = [A100%] - of course, with the brackets!!) 2: add path 2 (synth pad - identical to snapshot 1, just turning on the 3 OSC synth) 3: add path 1B (amp - identical to snapshot 2, just A/B switch turned to [even]) 4: finishing the opener with just path 1B active (only amp, nothing else - like snapshot 1, just with A/B switch adjusted to [B100%]). The problem: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Helix does not seem to be consistent with this A/B switch. It all works as intended until I get to reach snapshot 3. Once the A/B-switch has changed to [A/B even], it won't accept any other setting anymore (exception: snapshot 1). Means, it stays on [even], ignoring the individual path programming in snapshot 2 and 4. The display DOES show the original programming, but the DSP is simply ignoring it. Anyone got any idea, what exactly is the problem behind this and how it can be solved??? I am really puzzled here ...
  15. Finally found a solution in HELIX (2.5) that is coming close: The Pitch Echo does much of it. The settings should be: Time: 200ms Feedback: 100% Intervall: +6 Cents: 0,0 Mix: 100% ... (to your liking) Trails: On
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