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Found 12 results

  1. If I record a signal from my helix rig straight into my DAW (no mics) and I want the benefit of the speaker cone modulations in the Powercab, do I have to take the signal from the XLR out on the Powercab or do I get an identical signal from the XLR out on the helix itself (or S/PDIF out, only digital)? I would like to try to avoid running a cable from the Powercab to the AI unless necessary.
  2. Hi all! About a year ago, I was using an MXR 10-band EQ in the FX loop of my amplifier and it sounded amazingly good. I noticed it was giving me some bad hiss though, so I switched it out for a Source Audio EQ2 about 6 months ago, which also sounded good. I wanted to add delay, reverb, and an amp modeler into the amp's FX loop along with the EQ, so I ultimately decided to sell the EQ2 and put an HX Stomp in the amp's FX loop to do all of this. Currently, this is how my HX Stomp functions and here is my signal chain: Guitar > front of amp effects > preamp > FX loop send > HX Stomp 10 band EQ > HX Stomp digital delay > FX loop return > power amp The problem is that upon switching out the EQ2 for the HX Stomp, when I set the Stomp's 10-band EQ parameters to what the previous EQ's were set at, I realized there was an extremely noticeable jump in some of the frequencies. The signal immediately sounded very nasally. Through messing with the frequencies, I realized there was a boost in frequency right around 1K Hz. To give an idea of how different the frequency hike is, 1K Hz on the old EQ was set at +2 dB (I run a little hotter for more gain in the FX loop). On the HX Stomp, I have to run this same frequency at -2.0 dB to achieve a comparable sound. However, running this frequency this low on the Stomp's EQ is causing some fidelity issues; coming out of speaker, anything around 1K Hz sounds like it coming out of an AM radio. You can imagine this is frustrating. Has anyone had this issue and/or does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, or advice on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Folks, I got a special problem. I am a guitarist (mostly rhythm guitar) and since several months our band cannot find a good bassist. I am considering the following idea: signal path A should go by 4cm into the amp (standard guitar amp) signal path B is used to produce a bass sound (octaver, compressor, bass amp simulation --> directly into FOH) Problem is: I would want only the low notes of the guitar going into the bass signal path to not mudden the bass sound up. So I would need some filter that is letting through only the notes I play on the low E- and A-string in the range of little more than an octave. Meaning, every note that is played, that is higher than let's say f# should be filtered out. So I still could play chords, while signal path B would only process single line bass notes. That's about the idea. My question is: Can that be realized with a Helix and if so ... HOW?
  4. Hey Guys, I'm experimenting with my Micro POG, just love that suboctave chords rumbling in my Bass amp (bi-amping with guitar amp to modulate both signals seprately). I would like to know If it's possible to get two seperate signal-routes (and recording tracks in ableton) in POD Farm by using an audio interface with two inputs to simulate my real rig in podfarm for recording and experimenting with podfarm's huge opportunities. Like this: Guitar->ABY Splitter|->Suboctaver->PodFarm1 |->NoMods------>PodFarm2 Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences, have a good day. FTP
  5. I just purchased a helix like a week ago and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’ve been watching tutorials and and reading forums. My question was, does it matter where in the signal path I place the amp or cabs? Does it make a difference? Everything I’ve read or watched, people just seem to place it somewhere in the middle. Or do you have to think of it like a real pedal board, where the amp comes last? Please help.
  6. Hello, I am new to the Helix LT fan and am looking for some resources on building patches from scratch. But I’m not looking for a how to. More so a deeper understanding. Here are the things I don’t understand: Signal Path in general Splitting the Path Having two separate paths Order of affects As you can see I basically need a resource for learning that starts from scratch. Thanks for the help!
  7. Certain tones (presets) for example 8A Lie to Me, have 2 Stomps. There is absolutely no documentation on how to add or remove an effect from the signal path. Would be nice to know. I can move the order around no problem.
  8. I’ve attached a labeled photo of my signal path. For some reason those are all the blocks that I can have on path 2. On path one it seems almost unlimited with what I can have. What can I do to rearrange this path so that I can add more blocks to my path 2?
  9. Hello: I was able to play through a Helix briefly and now I have Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I've seen videos of organ patches, for example from Glenn Delaune. However, does anyone know if you can have three things (signal paths) at once? 1) Organ patch 2) Acoustic Guitar from the Variax JTV 3) Electric guitar sounds with distortion. From reading about the design this seems possible and it seems that I could control volumes or other paramaters with the extra expression pedals (bought separately). If possible, has anyone tried it? Do you run out of DSP horsepower?
  10. Hello all, I just (yesterday) got a Digitech Trio Plus - Band creator with a built in looper. I've just scratched the surface and it seems very useful for what I do - loop a few parts and mix / record simple compositions to a digital workstation. I'm having a good bit of difficulty getting it to work with my HD500. What I'd like to do is layer loops on the Trio+ with different tones/patches from my HD500. But I'm not sure of how to run the signal path. I know the guitar must go into the input of the Trio+ but not sure if the Trio's effects loop can somehow include the HD500. ANY help is much appreciated. Seems like back in my younger days (56 now) this tech stuff was a no brainer. TIA. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!
  11. First post here, any & all help is appreciated. Gear- JTV59, POD HD500X, (2) EV ELX 112P Variax is set to input 1, Mic is set to input 2, & I can go in to my powered monitors with either 1/4" or XLR. I could also go in to ONE of my monitors (1/4" or XLR) from my POD & "daisy chain" via the XLR "link" from one monitor to the next. I'm not concerned with having a stereo signal going to my monitors. My powered monitors are exactly as shown in the illustration attached, each having TWO (XLR or 1/4") inputs with their own independent volume controls & a master for overall. Any ideas on the best POD HD500X configuration/connections to allow me SEPARATE volume control of guitar & Mic on my monitors ? To pan, or not to pan in my POD mixer is also eluding me. Thnx for your help !
  12. I've posted in on an idea. How about highlighting the white box around all the effects that are on, without having to specifically select each one. On this particular tone, Gate, Vol, Delay and Reverb are all on. You can see that Delay and Reverb are on at a glance since they are assigned to FS4 and FS5 and are lit up. The only way you know that Gate or Vol are on is by selecting it and seeing that there is a white border around the icon. If you like this idea, please vote for it. I can see it being very useful. I've attached a screen-shot of my idea.
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