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  1. Not sure. Is a unit in the midi chain sending a midi signal that you are not intending? For example. Is you midi chain HX to JP to SY and the JP is transmitting an unintended program change? Is something if Omni can poly mode that shouldn’t be (or vise versa as I can’t remember which does which. I am a midi hack but I eventually figure it out. Hopefully there are folks on here have more midi knowledge
  2. Note. Some companies number 0-127 and some number programs 1 to 128. That is why it is off one. I use the SY300 with helix floor. From the helix I have to tell the boss sy300 a program number one less then I want the sy300 to change to. For example if I want the sy300 to be on patch 100 the helix needs to send 99. Not a big deal. Just remember it’s one less than reality.
  3. Ive tried both the temporary and persistent settings with no change. It just displays “EXP 1 100%”. I would like it to display the name of the effect block such as “Volume” “Wah” “Drive” etc.
  4. When I first had my Helix Floor, the Scribble strip for the toe switch on the expression pedal could be assigned to show the effect or a custom label. Since I’ve changed a setting to show the percentage of the expression pedal position. I want to return it to a custom effect name. I forgot how to do this? Please advise.
  5. That is horrible! I’m so sorry you’ve been triggered. Ship it to me and I’ll make sure that you never need to look at it again.
  6. I have a Helix Floor. I can't get capacitive touch to select stomps consistently, I can get capacitive touch to swap stomps consistently. I can rarely get snapshots to swap or copy with capacitive touch. Is there a fix for this? Also, it there another methodology to swap or copy snapshots other than with capacitive touch? I might try some contact cleaner on the surface of switches to see if that fixes it but also looking for other ideas too.
  7. If it’s original music with your sound then “you do you” and don’t worry if it’s the sound others want. If you are trying to sound and play like a real bass and bass player, get one when it makes financial sense.
  8. I started out on some great tube amps back in the day but switched to modelers in early 2000s. Used Boss, Vox, modelers as well as Line6 HD500. Never felt they were at the level of the real thing. The Helix has the subtlety of the real thing and if they never upgraded again it’d be content with my Helix Floor. But I am a gear hound so if they do upscale again, I’ll likely chase it.
  9. I use the App Bandhelper for notes, words, chords, tempos etc. but also for MIDI control. When use Bandhelper to advance to the next song on the setlist, I have it set to program change the Helix to the patch that I want and set the tempo (impacting delay and other time based effects). I purchased some Bluetooth MIDI adapters for my Helix so these "connect" wirelessly to my iPad. Bandhelper will work with most iPad and Android devices, even your phone. Even, it you don't use if for chord and lyric cheats, the setlist and MIDI feature is awesome.
  10. I use Bandhelper as well. Keeps whole band on the same setlist and if set up right the same page. I also use wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapters so Bandhelper sets my presets on Helix when I advance the setlist. It’s very handy and eliminates the between song tap dance. It’s been very solid. I do copy paste lyrics, chords, and notes into from the desktop computer (for ease) and that syncs with the iPad.
  11. Would it be easier for you to keep the helix on the floor and use HX software for editing? Assuming you have a computer that you can use for the purpose.
  12. I have the Boss SY300 in a effects loop of the helix. Can use the in and out any spot in the signal chain and mix it from full to zero. Snapshots to taste on each section of the song. Commands from midi per snapshots to switch presets on SY300 or switch SY300 on patch change. Tempo sync per midi etc. Pretty incredible.
  13. Update: I noticed that even some factory patches were messed up and the Helix was acting very laggy on saving. So, I factory reset and restored by backup (only IRs and my custom patches). Now everything seems to be working in it's previous glory. Wow! That was scary! Remember to back up boys and girls.
  14. Hi All: Hoping someone can give me some ideas. I had a "setlist" programmed but decided I wanted to copy it so that I could re-level patches without effecting my originals. So, I did a full Helix back up. FYI I am running 2.82 on Helix and 2.82 HX Edit. Then I exported my setlist which was in setlist slot 4 and imported it into slot 3. It was not a successful import an got multiple error messages. I then tried doing so in slot 5 and same result. Error message (which I forgot to take a picture of) and the screen on the Helix went dead. Disconnected from computer and restarted Helix and Computer. Helix started rebuilding some presets. I even tired restoring to my original full Helix backup and trying again. Same result. So, looking at the result, there are patches 86, 87, 88, 89 that did not properly bring in names. So I tried writing over them with a empty present from another spot in the list. No luck. I tried to rename them, that worked, but they will not save any changes to the patch i.e. amps, pedals, etc. So it seems that I have corrupt slots. Any ideas on how to fix this? Chris
  15. I use Bandhelper to choose the preset on Helix. When I swipe to the next song, it changes the Helix preset. I use a bluetooth to midi 5 pin adapter. Works great.
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