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  1. After installing the 3.01 update on my Helix HX, something is off.. The pedal tends to freeze after a few minutes. Strange also that I do not have all of the new effects. I have the poly delay but that's about it. In the editor I can see the new effects, but the letters are grey and I cannot select them... Can anybody tell me what is going on? Thanks AJM
  2. Okay, so I use the HX Helix Effects. So I make my four snapshots with four different sounds within a song and that works just fine. However when I want to go to the next song I have to switch from snaphot mode back to bank mode. Next comes the presets mode and then I am back in snapshot mode. Only then can I select the next song . It takes forever..Is there an easier way? If so; please let me know. Ton E
  3. Found it!! Thanks a million. Really appreciate it.
  4. Must be me....In Global Settings I can go to ins/Outs, Prefs, Switches/Pedals, MIDI/Tempo/Displays. where's that >switch that brings me to page 2?
  5. Hello Phil, I think you are right. The moment/latch switch I find in the Global Settings is the one for the presets. The only edit choice for snapshots I can find (in Global Settings) is the one where you choose between recall and discard.
  6. Hello Phil, thanks for the reply. The switch IS on 'latch' in Global Settings, but I still have the same 'blinking' going on. To make sure I did a back-up en a factory reset, but no dice. Suggestions anyone?
  7. Got the HX Effects a week ago. Got the latest update, 2.82. Love the sounds! The snapshots, however, give me a hard time....They 'blink' and when I tap them, the HX jumps back to the preset mode. Using the edit software on my pc it works just fine. I have searched the forums and it has been mentioned here and there, but I haven't found a soltion yet. Anybody??
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