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  1. I started out on some great tube amps back in the day but switched to modelers in early 2000s. Used Boss, Vox, modelers as well as Line6 HD500. Never felt they were at the level of the real thing. The Helix has the subtlety of the real thing and if they never upgraded again it’d be content with my Helix Floor. But I am a gear hound so if they do upscale again, I’ll likely chase it.
  2. I use the App Bandhelper for notes, words, chords, tempos etc. but also for MIDI control. When use Bandhelper to advance to the next song on the setlist, I have it set to program change the Helix to the patch that I want and set the tempo (impacting delay and other time based effects). I purchased some Bluetooth MIDI adapters for my Helix so these "connect" wirelessly to my iPad. Bandhelper will work with most iPad and Android devices, even your phone. Even, it you don't use if for chord and lyric cheats, the setlist and MIDI feature is awesome.
  3. I use Bandhelper as well. Keeps whole band on the same setlist and if set up right the same page. I also use wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapters so Bandhelper sets my presets on Helix when I advance the setlist. It’s very handy and eliminates the between song tap dance. It’s been very solid. I do copy paste lyrics, chords, and notes into from the desktop computer (for ease) and that syncs with the iPad.
  4. Would it be easier for you to keep the helix on the floor and use HX software for editing? Assuming you have a computer that you can use for the purpose.
  5. I have the Boss SY300 in a effects loop of the helix. Can use the in and out any spot in the signal chain and mix it from full to zero. Snapshots to taste on each section of the song. Commands from midi per snapshots to switch presets on SY300 or switch SY300 on patch change. Tempo sync per midi etc. Pretty incredible.
  6. Update: I noticed that even some factory patches were messed up and the Helix was acting very laggy on saving. So, I factory reset and restored by backup (only IRs and my custom patches). Now everything seems to be working in it's previous glory. Wow! That was scary! Remember to back up boys and girls.
  7. Hi All: Hoping someone can give me some ideas. I had a "setlist" programmed but decided I wanted to copy it so that I could re-level patches without effecting my originals. So, I did a full Helix back up. FYI I am running 2.82 on Helix and 2.82 HX Edit. Then I exported my setlist which was in setlist slot 4 and imported it into slot 3. It was not a successful import an got multiple error messages. I then tried doing so in slot 5 and same result. Error message (which I forgot to take a picture of) and the screen on the Helix went dead. Disconnected from computer and restarted Helix and Computer. Helix started rebuilding some presets. I even tired restoring to my original full Helix backup and trying again. Same result. So, looking at the result, there are patches 86, 87, 88, 89 that did not properly bring in names. So I tried writing over them with a empty present from another spot in the list. No luck. I tried to rename them, that worked, but they will not save any changes to the patch i.e. amps, pedals, etc. So it seems that I have corrupt slots. Any ideas on how to fix this? Chris
  8. I use Bandhelper to choose the preset on Helix. When I swipe to the next song, it changes the Helix preset. I use a bluetooth to midi 5 pin adapter. Works great.
  9. Hello: I have a Helix Floor and a Boss SY300. I have the Boss SY300 follow MIDI clock from a Line6 Helix Floor via the 5 pin MIDI cable. This works wonderfully for all of my applications except one. Specifically, I have recently downloaded and love a WHO SY300 patch that uses variations of tempo via the control switch on the SY300 to create the essence of the sound it is emulating. The problem is that I have to unplug the 5 pin MIDI clock from the Helix so that the SY300 control switch will impact the tempo of the SY300. My questions: a) Can I have the Helix not transmit MIDI clock for one patch only or have a switch stop the MIDI clock transmission for a bit. (like a snapshot or a stomp)? b) How can I get the SY300 to ignore the MIDI clock from the Helix for that one patch so that I don't have to manually unplug the MIDI cable? (I have asked this in the vguitar.com forum) c) If easy "a" or "b" doesn't work I am wondering if I can send some sort of message from my iPad Bandhelper app to turn off MIDI clock on one of these devices. Any help to make this more fluid then plugging in and unplugging cable will be greatly appreciated.
  10. guitarnstuff

    FREQ OUT !!!!!

    Are you having noise issues with this implementation?
  11. Oh my! When is the release date for the next firmware update? We need more amps and effects on my wrist now! Will this also come with the free pony listed on the Helix form? Improved tuner?
  12. The obvious solution is to give your Helix to me. You will feel good about your donation and I will give it a good and loving home.
  13. I tried the version 2 3Sigma IRs tonight. It seems that there is better string to string definition and the higher frequencies are tastier. This was through my studio headphones as the family was sleeping. I'm looking forward to a trial on the full rig at gig volume next week.
  14. They also just announced a free upgrade to the brand new v2 impulses. I'll be downloading them after work. I can wait to try them out.
  15. you can also set up an "aggregate" of the two in audio setup of Mac. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000
  16. I am considering making a routing change on my rig but I am not sure if it is possible. I am hoping that someone out there might know. Currently, I have the Helix, TriplePlay Midi, and softsynths running via Apple Mainstage. I use the Helix as a audio output interface for Apple Mainstage. So current the signal coming out of my 1/4 in and XLR outputs is Helix guitar sounds plus softsynths (i.e. organs, pads, etc). This are blended together so that soundman can't mix them at different volumes, thus I have to do it all from stage. I would like to instead have the Helix guitar sounds come out of one set of output (1/4) and the softsynths come out of a different output (such as a pair of effect sends or the XLR). Thus, the soundman would be able to control the volume of the guitar and the softsynths seperately. I would like this change at the global level. Ideas?
  17. I was going to buy my wife a robotic vacuum for the house, but due to the user friendliness of the Helix and it's multiple connections, I'd like to try hooking up my analogue vacuum cleaner to the Helix for automation. Should I use the 4 cable method, seven cable method, or a one cable method? Which effects or amp settings will suck the most? When will Line6 make this wireless?
  18. Thanks mdmayfield. I have tried with MIDI Thru both on and off. Still having issues. I have also tried with PC repeat on and off (I think that is what it is called in 2.30 but I am not next to Helix at moment. I would love to have a tool to check and or control the flow of MIDI within my Mac but I am not aware of the best and most cost effective solution. Any suggestions?
  19. Let me explain my rig. I am using a Mac OSX laptop with Line6 Helix as the audio interface for Mainstage 3.1.1 with softsynths driven by a Fishman Tripleplay midi guitar controller. This is a rock solid setup which performs without glitches (knock on wood). Even after the 2.30 update. I just introduced DMXIS lighting controller and software to the mix. I am hoping to control our bands lighting. For example, lighting programs will switch via midi when I step on a snapshot. I set up and used Mac IAC driver and chose the driver within DMXIS software. This configuration caused my Helix to intermittently lock up to the point of needing a restart. So I tried choosing (with DMXIS) both IAC and Helix. This also caused lock ups as well as doubling the tempo bmp reading within DMXIS. I even tried not using IAC and sending banks and preset messages straight from my Helix Command Center to DMXIS (without IAC checked). In all combos I have intermittent lockups of my Helix OR strange bank behavior within DMXIS in which the banks switch properly but then immediately switches to and sticks on bank three. So, I also tried to set up using DMXIS plugin within Mainstage. The presets do not save appropriately within the Mainstage patches. I also have intermittent freezes in this regard. I even tried only DMXIS and Helix together (not booting up Mainstage). Helix still has intermittent freezes when connected to DMXIS. It seems as the two started off to a horrible relationship. I have poured about 15 hours of problem solving time into this over my Thanksgiving Holiday. I'm out of ideas. Anyone that is using DMXIS with Helix or Mainstage or has strong midi knowledge, please help. Thank you!
  20. I used to use more reverb. It sounded good at home but I washed out in the band context. I listwnef to the advice in this thread and shortened all reverb to 2.0 secomds or less and reduced mix to less than 20%. Now I'm much clearer and articulate in the mix.
  21. I had similar issues. Solved. I had been using USB through a hub and changed to connect USB directly to computer. I also had a corrupt preset. Over wrote it with a blank preset and re wrote it from scratch.
  22. I have used snapshots to change variax models within a preset. Can't have global setting, it must be per patch setting. Works great.
  23. Consider using one or two of your Boss PS6 pedals in the effects loops of the Helix. That should provide lots of flexibility.
  24. I have intermittent problems with the middle position of the 5 way on mags only. Contact cleaner fixes for a week then problem returns. Almost as if the contact point tolerance isn't as tight for one point. Trying to decide if it's worth repair or just add a contact cleaner to gig bag along with all the other contingency items.
  25. I have a Helix floor unit and had freezes and a restart. Turned out that cause was it's connection through USB hub. Plugged directly to computer and problem solved. Are you using a hub, if so don't.
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