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  1. Does anyone out there use their Firehawk FX pedal with an iPad app called MIDI Guitar 2? It's an app that will allow your guitar (or in my case Harmonica) to sound like a horn using MIDI. Since the FX doesn't have MIDI, I'm trying to find some kind of solution. Looking for some suggestions and/or routing solutions so feel free to chime in here :)
  2. So Silverhead, what you are saying is that ALL tones will have 12-blocks in the signal path. What the "Block Type" is I do have control over ("Drives & Dynamics", "Mods", "Delays" and "Filters Synths, and Pitch"). Now it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up :)
  3. I've posted in on line6.ideascale.com an idea. How about highlighting the white box around all the effects that are on, without having to specifically select each one. On this particular tone, Gate, Vol, Delay and Reverb are all on. You can see that Delay and Reverb are on at a glance since they are assigned to FS4 and FS5 and are lit up. The only way you know that Gate or Vol are on is by selecting it and seeing that there is a white border around the icon. If you like this idea, please vote for it. I can see it being very useful. I've attached a screen-shot of my idea.
  4. Certain tones (presets) for example 8A Lie to Me, have 2 Stomps. There is absolutely no documentation on how to add or remove an effect from the signal path. Would be nice to know. I can move the order around no problem.
  5. Not only the public cloud, but also the personal "My Tones" cloud has to be enhanced. I should be able to use "Edit" to rename a tone, not just delete it. Since My Tones is tied to your Line 6 account, It would be nice to manage your tones other than the iPad. For example, it would be very cool when I'm logged into line6.com portal and I hover over my profile, to have a drop-down called "My Tones" and be able to mange them from there.
  6. I'm seeing some real issues when it comes to the Firehawk Tone Cloud. No way to modify or delete a tone once it's published to the cloud. Gets very messy and disorganized over time. There needs to be a way though the Line 6 portal to delete your tones so you can modify them on the iPad and republish to the cloud. I put a suggestion in to Line 6 development team in regards to this.
  7. Phil, thanks for the clarification. Being a harmonica player, I would probably set it lower since the harmonica is such a bright instrument already and I try to cut a lot of the mids and highs anyway. I guess it's all subjective to what your ear hears, eh?
  8. Can someone give me a definitive answer to what "Presence" is on the AMP setting. Presence in relation to what? Haven't been able to get a straight answer. If someone is going to say "Presence in the mix", then what is "Volume", same thing.
  9. Yes I did. I actually spoke with Will at Line 6 support and he told be that some of the patches that users have uploaded may have been created with an earlier 1.10 version of the firmware and they look as corrupt to version 1.20. He recommended building a new preset from scratch and saving them. So far, so good :)
  10. So under My Tones, I'm trying to upload to the FH Fx and getting the following message: "Please try again later. Your presets are currently downloading from your Firehawk FX." Really, after 4 hours of being connected? I have a call into support regarding this. I had some other issues when I first purchased the unit and support had me re-flash to the latest firmware (again) and remove and reinstall the app from my iPad. This is very annoying and can be catastrophic at a live gig.
  11. Just wanted to put a post out here to find out if there are any harmonica players using the Firehawk FX. I'd like to share some settings and experiences. Line6 support told me that they have talked to quite a few harmonica players.
  12. Very true Silverhead, you can overwrite any of the factory presets. My buddy in Panama a few minutes ago just got and open box Firehawk FX for $350 US. He's the one with the AMPLIFI FX100. Your also correct on the compatibility of presets. He can share his, but I can't share mine. Makes sense since I have different features that he doesn't. Moot point now that he purchased the Firehawk.
  13. I looked at both units before I purchased a few weeks ago. It's nice that you can take an existing preset (patch), tweak it and make it your own. The POD HD500 has way more user definable presets, but I don't think I will ever use that many. I'm a harmonica player and use this board for blues, jazz, R&B, country, folk. 12-user definable presets is plenty for what I need it for. Sharing patches on the community has to be done via the iOS or Android app. Not a big deal for me. What I am finding considering that a harmonica is a very bright instrument and depending on which mic I use, I need to knock most of the highs and mids out and boost the bass or else I have feedback city. I've been a sound man for many years, so when it comes to controlling feedback, I know where to go to control it. I'm in the process of putting together a word document that has the preset, what tunes I will use it on and screenshots of the iPad so I know exactly where everything it set. I'm using more the American and English Amps/Cab versus the high-gain ones because those are developed more for a guitar. So far, I'm really happy with the unit. A buddy of mine has the AMPLIFI FX 100 and is looking to upgrade to this unit. That way we can trade presets (patches).
  14. Silverhead, so it looks like you can ONLY search from the iPad/Android app, not from a PC/Mac logged into the Line6.com website. All the other units other than the Firehawk FX/AMPLIFI, you CAN search. In regards to the "multi-copy" issue of the same tone, I've attached a screenshot of what I'm facing. I have opened another ticket with Line 6 and will contact them on Monday. Last week, due to a BT (Bluetooth) lockup issue, they had me re-flash the firmware (latest) and also remove and reinstall the iPad app. I purchased this unit because I'm tired of twisting pots or having them get knocked around during live gigs. I don't like having to reach down and twist knobs between songs and being the sound man as well, I'm already multi-tasking :). Also, I'm not a guitarist. I went looking for pedal boards for harmonica and didn't like any I saw due to the issue I stated above. I have another harmonica friend of mine who lives in Panama and him and I want to develop and trade tones for different genres as it relates to harmonica. I play across multiple genres, and wanted different amps/cabs and effects that I can tweak. I appreciate your feedback.
  15. According to what silverhead said, "If it's Customtone, that's a different library than the The Tone Library used in Firehawk/AMPLIFi." I created a tone called "Oh Baby" and saved it to the "Line 6 Cloud". So if the Firehawk and AMPLIFI is a different library other than "Customtone", where do I find it? I'm following the first part of your post to the T, so if I'm not suppose to search under "Customtone", where do I search?
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