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Found 2 results

  1. Certain tones (presets) for example 8A Lie to Me, have 2 Stomps. There is absolutely no documentation on how to add or remove an effect from the signal path. Would be nice to know. I can move the order around no problem.
  2. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for the help in the past. I have been doing a lot of research on my issue and I am getting different answers on the internet. My issue is, I would like to create a user preset but I am unsure what order the effects should be in the chain, and where I should insert the effects loop for my stomp boxes. (Triple Wreck Distortion and The DreamScape Pedal) I have written before in this thread and got some really helpful answers, so I sincerly appreciate the community with all the help I have received, it has been tremendously helpful! Here is my situation. I have a Wampler Triple Wreck DIstortion pedal and The DreamScape pedal from T.C. Electronics. When attempting to create my own preset I am not sure what order the effects chain should be or where to place the effects loop. I have had different suggestions and have different websites state different things on how they believe the effects chain should be. For Example, I have read that your wah should be first in the chain -> Noise Gate -> Compressor -> FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience My question is, with the pedals I have, I have tried the above chain, but I get a lot of noise from my Wampler Distortion pedal. I have tried putting a noise gate first as suggested on some sites to prevent noise from my guitar inputs (Using a MusicMan JP13 which have High out put pickups) then the signal chain above but I am still getting a lot of noise from the distortion pedal. Like this: Guitar input -> Noise Gate (supposed to suppress the noise from pickups) ->Compressor - > FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience I have even tried adding a second Noise Gate after the FX Loop but I am still getting noise from the Triple Wreck, I am at a lost on how I should do this to keep the Tripple wreck quiet while still retaining it's heavy distorted sound. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can eliminate this noise from the pedal? I am at a loss. And I am still confused as to what chain would be best for my setup. I have tried pluging my JP13 into the Triple Wreck, then to The Dreamscape pedal to the HD500x's input, but that doesn't seem to work. I am at a loss. Should I be using any cabinets/Amps like the Treadplate? It seems when I do that, the distortion from the Cabinent/Amp override the Tripple wreck. I am sorry I am so new at this, but does anyone have any suggestions on how I should actually set up the chain of effects properly? And I do not know which settings I should set the noise gate at or exactly which order in the chain it should go. Same thing with the Compressor. There are a few different choices for the Compressor like Tube Compressor etc. I do not know which compressor to use or what settings I should have them at. I know I am asking a lot, but I really like the Triple wreck DIstortion pedal and all I basically want to do is add it to the chain in the proper place it should be. Like I said, some sites state the Noise Gate should be first to prevent noise from the guitar, but that doesn't help the Triple Wreck noise. Then I have read that after the the Noise Gate I should have the compressor before the distortion. (which I have no idea what compressor I should use or what settings.) So basically I have tried the following setups: 1) Guitar -> Triple Wreck - > The Dreamscape Pedal - > HD500x input -> Noise Gate -> Compressor -> EQ -> Modulation -> Ambience 2) Guitar input direct to PID HD550x input -> Noise Gate (supposed to suppress the noise from pickups) -> Compressor - > FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience 3) Guitar input -> Noise Gate (supposed to suppress the noise from pickups) -> Compressor - > FX Loop - Distortion (which the Triple wreck and The Dreamscape are connected) -> Another Noise Gate -> EQ -> Modulation ->Ambience I do not know what to do or the proper way to set this up. I have done research on different sites and people say different things. I have even read the advanced POD HD500x Manual but cannot seem to figure it out. I am not sure what settings I should have the Noise Gate at or which type of compressor to use. Can anyone help me on how I should properly set this up as far as what the effects order should be, where I should insert the effects loop, and some settings on what settings the noise gate should be at and which type of compressor I should be using? I know some of the distortions included with the Pod HD500x can be pretty heavy, but the presets are still really quiet, I even tried to modify a preset to include the Wampler Triple Wreck in the effects loop, but I still get noise. Any help would be so much appreciated. I really love the Triple Wreck and want to incorporate it with my Pod HD500x setup, but the noise is driving me crazy and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong when there are factory presets on the Pod HD 500x with some pretty heavy distortion, yet are very quiet. I even read on the HD500's product page stating that you can add distortion or other stompboxes in the effects loop, which I did, but anytime I use the Triple Wreck there is noise. Will someone please help me on which order I should have the effets chain in and perhaps some settings on which compressor to use and it's settings as well as the Noise gate and where to place it in the chain? Thank you all so much for reading and any advice and/or suggestions you can provide. Thank you all!
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