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  1. Just ordered an UX2, I'll give it a try and let you know If it works properly. Thank you Triryche.
  2. Hey Triryche, Thank you very much for your reply! Sounds very good so far! Do I have to expect volume loss when using the line Inputs? Do I get both line in signals in stereo mode in PodFarm's monitoring Output? Right now I am using the GX and PF 2.59, but If I know it works without any DI Boxes or preamps, I'd give the UX2 a try. Thank you!!! FTP
  3. Hey Guys, I'm experimenting with my Micro POG, just love that suboctave chords rumbling in my Bass amp (bi-amping with guitar amp to modulate both signals seprately). I would like to know If it's possible to get two seperate signal-routes (and recording tracks in ableton) in POD Farm by using an audio interface with two inputs to simulate my real rig in podfarm for recording and experimenting with podfarm's huge opportunities. Like this: Guitar->ABY Splitter|->Suboctaver->PodFarm1 |->NoMods------>PodFarm2 Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences, have a good day. FTP
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