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  1. Thank you, looks like a ton of good info.
  2. Thanks! yeah, all the possibilities seem endless and I get lost among them easily! :) I'll give this one a try... I mostly noodle on top of the rhythms I create, but if one hits me as decent I'll crank up the work station. Thanks again.
  3. Hello all, I just (yesterday) got a Digitech Trio Plus - Band creator with a built in looper. I've just scratched the surface and it seems very useful for what I do - loop a few parts and mix / record simple compositions to a digital workstation. I'm having a good bit of difficulty getting it to work with my HD500. What I'd like to do is layer loops on the Trio+ with different tones/patches from my HD500. But I'm not sure of how to run the signal path. I know the guitar must go into the input of the Trio+ but not sure if the Trio's effects loop can somehow include the HD500. ANY help is much appreciated. Seems like back in my younger days (56 now) this tech stuff was a no brainer. TIA. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!
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