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  1. I’ve isolated the problem to be one between the Cutlass and the helix - does anyone know if buffers places before the input of the helix cause this kind of problem?
  2. Hi, i recently bought a musicman cutlass which i love I love but I noticed I am hearing a staticky tone underneath the clean tone. The guitar itself does have an active silent circuit that cuts down noise but also has a buffer circuit as well. I’ve used active pickups before and not had issues. Could it be the buffer in the guitar? At :40 in the attached sound clip (bridge humbucker) you can hear what I’m talking about. Any thoughts? I messed with the impedance on the input setting of the helix and nothing seemed to help. -Arthur test tones mm.mp3
  3. Ahhh ok great - thanks y’all~~
  4. What’s the difference?
  5. I’ve attached a labeled photo of my signal path. For some reason those are all the blocks that I can have on path 2. On path one it seems almost unlimited with what I can have. What can I do to rearrange this path so that I can add more blocks to my path 2?
  6. Thats the issue I was running into - Where do I find an older version of the editor? I know it has to match my firmware v.1.04.3 has to match editor version v.1.04.3 - so where do I find older editors?
  7. So I haven't updated my Helix once since I bought it and I'm still on v1.04.3 firmware. How do I backup all my presets on Helix? - the new editor I downloaded just shows me a message saying that my firmware is out of date so does that mean I can't back it up there? and if I can't with the this version of the editor is it possible to find that editor version still somewhere to save all my presets/ factory restore my helix/ and then update and upload the backup to my helix? Thank you.
  8. Yup sorry. There are three lines total. 1a and 1b are separate. They both go to path 2a where I have my stereo blocks otherwise I run out of dsp for the gain blocks. Or do I need two amps and cabs on 1a and 1b not merged at all -> path 2 where all my stereo blocks excluding gain are? Or is that pretty much the same thing?
  9. So if I have an amp on path 1A y split it and have the same cab after the y split on 1a and 1b and have those both go to path 2 and select multi or xlr out then I have my stereo path set?
  10. So by stereo block you mean like "stereo: plate reverb" after a cab on 1a? What would I select on the helix for outputs just xlr and then the stereo blocks kind of just know come out as left and right? What would I specify for outputs if I run two xlr outs to front of house say they go into Ch's 6&7? That he should hard pan 6 left and 7 right?
  11. Into a mixer* sorry I meant what I currently do is just a regular pedalboard set up into the front of my amp wit the helix
  12. There are a few threads that talk about dual paths, 4 stereo paths, etc. This is a beginner question but can someone explain how to make a basic stereo preset i.e.: what the split is and how they're set on paths, how many amps or cabs, how the output and mixers are set? I have no idea where to begin as I just run the helix into the front of my amp.
  13. So I've been working on a few patches and presets and for some reason one patch sounds right and the other one does not. The first patch all of the effects "attach" to the signal and for the second patch every effect sounds like its post signal or something. Instead of droning or swelling I hear clear guitar notes and then all of the reverb and delay comes after that. Any answers on what might be causing this?
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