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  1. Uriel1251

    Does it matter where I place the amp in signal path?

    Okay, so far from what I’m understating so far, it basically like a normal pedal board chain? For example, this is how I normally have my pedal board chain; Guitar>Compressor>overdrive>volume pedal>delay>reverbs>then straight into amp. Would I do the same in the signal path?
  2. I just purchased a helix like a week ago and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’ve been watching tutorials and and reading forums. My question was, does it matter where in the signal path I place the amp or cabs? Does it make a difference? Everything I’ve read or watched, people just seem to place it somewhere in the middle. Or do you have to think of it like a real pedal board, where the amp comes last? Please help.