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  1. I've got a baffling issue when using the Dunlop DVP4s with my HX FX. The setup I am using is: 2 DVP4s, one for volume and the other for wah etc. Volume is in Pedal 2, Wah in Pedal 1, which are the default settings on the HX. I had this rig up and running with these pedals for several months, and even gigged with it a few times, and it all worked flawlessly. Back in mid Dec, I removed one of the DVPs from the rig to use as a volume pedal with my Kemper at band practice for about a month and a half. It worked perfectly in the Kemper. We've got a couple of outdoor gigs coming up, and I'd prefer to use an amp/cab with the HX for them, so I reinstalled the DVPs into the HX FX. I, literally, haven't powered up the HX FX from mid Dec until last night, so nothing's changed, and I didn't change anything on the pedals themselves. Now, both pedals, when run through their range, will peak somewhere in the top middle of the range, and then go back to the heel down (0%) setting when in the toe position. For example, I have the heel volume set at 60%, and toe at 100%. When I run it through the range, it'll go from 60% to 100% momentarily and then snap back to 60%, regardless of where I stop the motion. The wah does the same thing. Going from heel to toe sounds like I've gone heel, toe, heel. The Wah turns off normally in the heel position I find it hard to believe that it's something wrong with the pedals, as they both worked before, and they're both doing exactly the same thing. I swapped them and no change. I've tried multiple cables, both TS and TRS plugged into the "out" and "aux" ports of the pedals, and they all do the same thing. I also upgraded the FW to 2.71, and they act identically as they did with 2.6 Any ideas? :edit: I got it working. For some reason, I had to reverse the polarity in the pedals AND invert the polarity in the HXFX for it to work. They used to work fine with all polarity set out of the box normal, so I don't know why or how this happened. I've never even taken the bottom off either pedal in the 5 months I've owned them, until now, nor have I ever touched the polarity in the HX. Odd.
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