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  1. poukill

    Two simple configuration : PA or amp + cab

    Good point. Here is the explanation... I have the Fender Blues Junior for years (8 years I think) so I owned this amp long before any pedals (especially the Helix ^^ ) ... Perhaps I should sell it. We are 6 musicians in my band. For some live performance, everybody is "in-ear" and that is just perfect. For other smaller events, the PA might only have a few AUX outputs and so we can't all wear in-ear monitors. The drummer, the singer have priority. So in that case, FOH can not send me a return I guess. I just got my Helix last week, so never tried in live condition. I had not planned to use in-ear from the Helix (well... I can ? ) but as usual the FOH send me a return and I choose what's inside : drums, lead singer, .... In this thread, I was looking for a general method to be consistent with all those scenarios with the Helix : home, rehearsal, live. The modelling is new for me: I always used my fender Blues Junior + SM57 microphone to get my sound. But I was fed up carrying all those things... :)
  2. poukill

    Two simple configuration : PA or amp + cab

    Well, thank you for your posts @amsdenj and @mileskb ! For personal monitors, I have in-ear monitors (wired) that work great for me. And it's very light to bring eveywhere ! :) But I will keep in mind these powered monitors to replace my fender blues junior in the future !
  3. poukill

    Two simple configuration : PA or amp + cab

    Thanks PeterHamm. I guess I am not forced to use a footswitch for that. I can enable / disable amp and cab when I need by hand. That is easy enough with the helix to be done manually on the fly before starting to play. I will try and see if it is ok. Thanks again.
  4. poukill

    Two simple configuration : PA or amp + cab

    Any idea ? The 4 cables methods is a little bit overkill for me. Well, I suppose I could plug-in directly to my amp and not use the amp / preamp / cab in the helix ?
  5. Hello Everybody, I have just purchased an Helix ans I would like to know how to setup a simple configuration that suits my need : Every day I practice at home on computer with backing tracks (for now I used Line6 UX2 audio card). Every week I go to the rehearsal music studio with my band. I use an existing amp + cab. It is not always the same (Fender, Blackstar, ...) so I should rely too much on learning the settings of a specific one. Every month I go to a concert where I usually plug directly into the PA. Rarely, I would like to use my Fender Blues Junior which has only an input and no effect loop. Well, I think I am quite new to this despite the fact I am really a geek for a living and I play the guitar for almost 20 years now. If you have any advice, please don't hesitate to write ! :) Thanks very much guys, Poukill