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  1. IBbrianB

    Computer Needs?

    So I’m new, ordering a Helix Floor next week. I am confused a little about external computing needs. Am I right to assume I will need to interface with a normal desktop computer to do updates and backups? (I use Mac stuff - are there system requirements) Do I need any special software? Are other ‘operations’ best/easier done on computer, instead of directly through the floorboard? Are there advantages to buying Helix Native solely in order to work with the floorboard?
  2. If I buy a previously owned Helix, that was already registered, will I still be able to get updates from L6?
  3. So I will be getting a Helix soon. What OwnHammer products do I need? I would like to get IRs for the full range of all types of music/genres/sounds. Are the package deals good?
  4. If I run the Helix and all patches in mono only, are the Left and Right XLR outputs exact mono duplicates? In context - I would like to run Left XLR out to the FOH PA, and also run the Right XLR out to a powered FRFR speaker. Are the L and R outputs the same?
  5. So I was reading an old post about your use of BBE Maximizers. I was wondering if you could share with me what you think is the proper setup/config for the following simple rig:

    Guitar into Helix. Then BBE. Then split to FOH and also to a powered FRFR speaker.


    Can I use XLR Left (out of Helix) to go to Left input of BBE, and left output of BBE to the FOH PA — at the same time XLR Right out of Helix into Right input of BBE, right output of BBE to FRFR speaker?  Does that work proper?

  6. So, assuming you aren’t going direct to PA and listening back through monitors - what is the best conventional amp to run a Helix into? I’m thinking a small combo, something kinda transparent, but what is everybody else using? What about a plain powered speaker (like a PA speaker)?
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