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  1. mentalmorg

    Ts312 help

    Thanks both, I have to be honest when I demoed the 312 I also demoed the dbx10. While I thought the dbx was a little better I didn’t think it was £200 better. For what I want I think the 312 will probably be fine. I’m not gigging I’m just playing in my man cave. I just want a good sound that I can enjoy. I think if them cuts in the EQ work then I’ll stick with the 312. Just have to get some experience with the helix to dial in a good tone. Anywhere I can get some tips from? Might be a stupid question but there are no stupid questions, right?
  2. mentalmorg

    Ts312 help

    That’s fairly cheap too. That would resolve a few of the EQ faults then would it? Would you guys just take the 312 back and get a 10” PA instead? Or maybe the powercab?
  3. mentalmorg

    Ts312 help

    Yes I’m using a Les Paul traditional. Means I’m working some stupid hours at the moment still haven’t had time to have a tidy go on it yet. That site doesn’t work for me as I’m in the UK.i think I’m going to have to get my head around the EQ settings that’s for sure, understanding all the frequency types also. Coming from my Boss ME 70 it’s a bit of a step up lol
  4. mentalmorg

    Ts312 help

    Just had a quick go before bed and those cuts helped loads. Just added them to the cuts in the cab setting. Would you recommend putting an EQ at the end of the chain also? I will have to look at getting a stand in the future. Obviously I have a lot to learn with this helix but I’m going to enjoy learning.
  5. mentalmorg

    Ts312 help

    Thanks for all the great comments guys. I will get on it ASAP. Will the high cuts take out some of the harshness then? I’m assuming they will.
  6. mentalmorg

    Ts312 help

    Hi there, I’m new to the helix lt. I’ve just purchased one with the alto 312. I find the alto a little bottom heavy. Is there anyone else using the 312 out there willing to help with setting up? I’ve heard they are great speakers to use with the helix, it’s just all rather complicated at the moment though. Many help would be great. Regards
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