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  1. Being somewhat off the grid I have some questions. I just purchased a new Pod Go. Can I download the latest firmware rev. (and patches) to my computer and then to my Pod go? If not, I have a 150watt (1.5A?) ac outlet in my truck. I can drive to internet service and download there? I will check later for responses. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. Do you think the sound you get is very close to uncolored by the speakers? Do you run the Pod Go directly into the HR's?
  3. I'm a bit of the grid so late to respond. Thanks for the various input. It sounds like the Head Rush would be the way to go and not to expensive. Thanks!
  4. I neeed some recommendations on an FRFR or amp under $500 that I can run a Pod Go into and get accurate output from. i guess in other words I want to hear from the FRFR or amp what I hear with headphones? Help would be appreciated!
  5. I'm hoping this will easily answered by the many seasoned members who have vast experience with creating patches on the POD GO. Has anyone created or is it possible to create the Robben Ford sound in this clip? Robben Ford - Blues & Beyond - Revelation - YouTube And are there any ytube vids of same? Thanks in advance for listening and commenting!
  6. Reading the manual sounds like an idea. I usually prefer to have the unit in front of me for "real world" experience. BTW thanks for the link! I do have a question that needs needs hands on experience but will post as new topic. You will likely have an answer for it.
  7. No, not more obscure. Just what you mentioned. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks much. Next Question would be. Are the Pod Go parameters adjustable on the "amp models", (such as litigator)?
  9. Likely a question that has a simple answer but. I am considering getting a Pod Go and see many free and "for sale" Helix patches that indicate that they are not compatible with the PG just the Floor and LT model. Is this due to the single vs dual processor or is there more to it?
  10. Thanks! I think I am not explaining myself, which regarding modeling pedals is not unusual. I think what I am getting at is the Pod Go processor is more limited in terms of specific amp models that may require more processing power and limiting the number of effects that can be used in the chain. VS the HX Stomp?
  11. This has likely been discussed before, so please point the way if so. Since the Pod Go only has about 90% processing power compared to the HX Stomp, can the amp models be tweaked or moved in the factory or user created patches?
  12. I know that Line 6 devices are not a crap shoot. What I meant was that running directly into the front of my amp with the Litigator amp model is a crap shoot and even at a used price I would likely loose.
  13. Thanks for the help. Hard to tell what I'll do at this point. I actually have overdrives that I get me somewhat there. I was looking for something that would be the final building blocks. Not sure I feel like investing in a crap shoot that may or may not get me there. I appreciate you input.
  14. I'm not sure there was a disconnect but anything is possible. My main want was to be able to run the "Litigator" amp simulation into the front the MM and still have a good Litigator sound out of the amp. "Not going to work", got that. My other question was if it was possible to get Litigator sound using just the effects, ie the pedal simulations in the Helix, (no amp simulation used). Again not possible, it appears. Got all that now. And If I cannot get the Litigator sound by putting the Helix in the effects loop it may be best to get an "FRFR (PA) speaker instead". The disconnect may have been in my attempt to explain better what my goal was. Thanks for your inputs.
  15. Thanks very much again! Uncle! I surrender! I may have one other option. I have an old Carvin VT50 head with Send/Return effects loop. Will that work? If so, can someone direct me to how to cable it?
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