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  1. Thank you for your reaction, @OmniFace, forum user @PierM actually already explained that part to me, but I am glad to see you’re trying to help me out as well! ;-) I am very happy with my current setup, which finally has all the right MIDI connections! Thanks again!
  2. I just wanted you guys to know that I finally have set up my gear as I wanted: light and easy! Though I must add I haven’t yet been able to test everything thoroughly - it all seems to work perfectly! - The Helix LT is connected via MIDI cable to my H9, so I can switch the Presets of the H9 using my LT. - The Helix LT is connected via the CME WIDI MASTER inserted in the H9 (THRU) to my iPad, so I can finally switch songs in OnSong using my Helix! :-) Thanks again, everyone!
  3. Okay, this is really annoying... Since you guys helped me figuring out the required hardware, I thought I'd start with my existing USB cable connected to my iPad to try and see how all this can be done. It appears to be a lot harder than I thought. I do have some options, but actually none of them are any good (to me): 1. I could work in Preset Mode and use 2 Presets per Bank to scroll through songs in OnSong. But this won't work since I sometimes need to scroll down a song WHILE PLAYING (switching Presets is then not an option). 2. I could use Snapshot Mode, but that means I can scroll through a song... but the next Preset will have Snapshots of its own (or I have to copy my MIDI settings for ALL Snapshots) 3. The best way is to use Stomp Mode (just make 2 empty Effects out of it), but I never use Stomp Mode because I prefer either Preset- or Snapshot Mode. I'm afraid this can't be done the way I want to.... this is really frustrating. Does anybody see a solution here (without extra pedals / MIDI controllers)...? BTW, I came by this idea via YouTube:
  4. @PierM Do you know if it's possible to HOLD a MIDI switch? I am currently using my Pageflip Firefly to flip through the songs in OnSong on my iPad, but I prefer to start using my Helix LT instead for this, in order to decrease my pedal amount for a gig. One of the great features of the Pageflip Firefly is its 'REPEAT' option. That way, when I HOLD a footswitch down, it keeps flipping through all songs until I release the pedal. Do you think something similar is possible with the Helix via MIDI?
  5. @Ed_Saxman Why is the CME WIDI MASTER a better choice than the Yamaha? :-)
  6. You’re right, it’s a THRU (I keep learning here)! I think this might be the easiest (and cheapest) way to connect the Helix to my iPad after all. And I am only going to send “next page” or “previous page” to my iPad, so that shouldn’t be too difficult, right? I think I’m gonna give this solution a shot. Thanks again, my MIDI MASTER! :-) :-)
  7. Hahaha actually my idea is slightly different though: I was thinking about keeping the H9 connected to my Helix with a MIDI cable (as is the current situation). But since I’m now only using the MIDI IN of my H9, I’d thought I could connect a CME to the MIDI OUT of the H9 and thus connect to my iPad through the CME in the H9 instead. So no USB involved in this scenario. What do you think? :-)
  8. @PierM Tonight I couldn’t sleep well, so I have been thinking: how about if I just put a CME in the Output of my H9? Just daisy chaining my iPad? That’s an even simpler (and cheaper) solution, right?
  9. Do you know if there are MIDI USB HOSTS without power adapter? I like to use as few cables as possible. Just comparing some solutions here... ;-)
  10. Thank you so much for your advice! I think I’ll just buy these devices and return them when this whole idea doesn’t work after all. I am currently not planning to add more MIDI devices, so I don’t need the iPad as Host. Perhaps in the future I’ll buy an extra CME for that Thru box so I can add the H9 via Bluetooth as well...
  11. I’m glad I’m finally starting to make a bit of sense of MIDI :-D :-D It just occurred to me that both the CME and Thru Box will be using power from the MIDI Out of my Helix. Could that somehow be a problem, that the Helix MIDI Out won’t have enough power for both devices?
  12. @PierM How about this solution (something similar was mentioned earlier by others): I connect 1 Thru of this Box to my H9, and in the other 1 I insert a CME WIDI MASTER Out for Bluetooth with my iPad. This Thru box gets its power from the MIDI Out of my Helix, so no adapter required. What do you think? Or should I go with a USB solution instead?
  13. Ahaaaa!!! I got the idea now, thank you for writing it down like this! (I’m a designer so I guess I’m more into images :-D)
  14. @PierM I am really truly grateful for all the offered suggestions, also for all your MIDI tips and tricks! In my last post I didn't mean to be stubborn, I just concluded that the needed MIDI knowledge for this solution appears to be pretty big, while I thought this would be 'another easy MIDI question' to ask. Apparently I'm the first person who has ever come up with this stupid idea :-D My sincere apologies if I sounded ungrateful, this is certainly not the case! I just received so many in-depth technical solutions that I really have to make up my mind to pick one! :-D Many thanks again, you (and all of the other guys) are of great help!
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