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Found 2 results

  1. ROLAND FC-300 SYSEX Mode for HX STOMP has been updated to version 2.0! I recently purchased a pair of CME WIDI Master, and found how well it works with SYSEX messages, unlike the Yamaha BT-01 I was using before. This has meant that my Layout for the Roland FC-300 is now fully Wireless, so I've taken the opportunity to update it to version 2.0. It is now quite a bit more complex, including memory for 9 banks of 5 presets. It has also been redesigned to look better. This MIDI Layout is an example of how MIDI Designer 2 can control several devices at once, establishing communication between them all. Without needing a single cable. It is composed of about 1000 lines of Streambyter code, necessary to control the SYSEX implementation of the FC-300, at the same time that it controls the HX Stomp. This means having implemented a complete customized SYSEX mode so that both devices work together in a logical way. The Roland FC-300 is battery powered, so with the CME WIDI Master, the iPad, and this Layout it has become a great device to remotely control the HX Stomp. The FC-300 may not be the most popular MIDI controller today, but it is the only one in the world to have a SYSEX mode specifically designed for the HX Stomp! Someone interested on a HELIX version?
  2. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our HX Stomp had a dedicated professional, gig worthy, Plug & Play controller, where you don't have to program anything? What if it could also work with batteries, and... completely wireless? Better with a large touch screen as H.U.D? ROLAND FC-300 SYSEX MODE For HX STOMP Version 2.0 Main view: Looper view: Version 2.0 - JAN-24-2021 Version 1.0 - MAY-24-2020 This is a MIDI Layout Made to work with MIDI Designer Pro 2 (sold separately). Allows to use a Roland FC-300 MIDI pedalboard with the Line 6 HX STOMP, using SYSEX messages to control all the onboard LEDs, expression pedals and footswitches. Plug & Play. No config needed. All Wireless!! Using a pair of CME WIDI MASTER, both the FC-300 and the HX STOMP connects with the iPad to control your HX Stomp Wirelessly! Requires some aditional hardware. Please read carefully the following requeriment list. Covering the entire Roland FC-300 SYSEX specification plus the HX STOMP MIDI implementation to make them work seamlessly together. All Plug&Play! Does not require any user configuration. More than 1000 lines of Stream Byter code! About 100 hours of single man work! Full control over the Roland FC-300 onboard LEDs, 3-Digit Screen (showing preset numbers), LCD Screen (2 x 16 characters), and both Expression pedals, all synced with your HX STOMP! Requeriments: Line 6 HX STOMP Apple iPad + MIDI Designer 2 + this MIDI Layout Roland FC-300 A pair or MIDI interfaces (one for each device) Recommended MIDI Interfaces: Wireless: 2X CME WIDI MASTER (two units) OR... a Yamaha MD-BT01 AND a CME WIDI MASTER (the Yamaha doesn't work for the FC-300, but it does for the HX Stomp) Wired: Roland UM-ONE MIDI Interface (connected to the FC-300, then to the Apple Lighning to USB3 camera adapter) Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 camera adapter CME WIDI MASTER or Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Interface (connected to the HX Stomp) Making connections: Wireless: - Connect both MIDI-BT devices to the FC-300 and the HX STOMP. Then stablish connections with your iPad using the "Connect" button. Wired: - Connnect the Roland UM-ONE MIDI DINs (In, Out) to the Roland FC-300, then plug the USB to the Apple Lighning to USB 3.0 camera adapter, plugged to your Ipad. - Plug your MIDI BT interface to your HX Stomp, then use the "Connect" button to stablish wireless connection. Features: Premapped SYSEX Mode to make both devices work seamlessly together. Control over all the presets on the FX STOMP (125) Expression Pedals with real-time movement on the iPad screen. Bypass and Tuner functions assigned to the Footswitches under the Exp pedals (including On/Off LEDs) 3 FS assigned to Snapshots (1/3 LEDs active) One FS to Switch Stomp and Preset Modes, that also works as Tap Tempo. 5 FS (lower row on the FC-300) with double function: single press to turn On/Off effects, Long Press to change presets 1-5 (Internal memory for 9 banks X 5 Presets) Looper Controls onscreen Control over the FC-300 screen brightness and ECO mode. V2 Improvements: Selectors for each of the 5 footswitches dedicated to program changes Memory for 9 internal "Banks" (so, 9x5 presets) Four buttons for the HX Stomp modes included in the Looper view New "Credits" and "Connect" buttons Preset Mode: Stomp Mode: Cheat Sheets: Main View: Looper View:
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