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  1. i am wondering if there's a CC message that can access to the snapshot mode
  2. Hi! So I just got the jackson audio broken arrow v2 and I been trying to control it via midi from the HX effects, i triple check my midi channel trying to see if anyone here has some experience with it thanks!
  3. Hi guys! I just got the JA broken arrow v2 ( midi ) and I was wondering if you guys could explain me a bit how you guys make it work. I want to use it with snapshots. Thanks!! I use midi out from HX effects > strymo va n volante ( ch 1 ) > morningstar ML5 ( ch 2 ) > jackson audio broken arrow v2
  4. Hi! I was wondering in the HD500x can you use the mic in to mic an amp? And combine it with what already you have in your guitar signal?
  5. Hi i am thinking about buying a bass POD xt pro i like the is black looks more cool but i play guitar so i was wondering is posible install the adds like the metal shop to a bass Pod?
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