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  1. If you have an iPad, checkout OnSong: https://onsongapp.com/devices/ipad/ I use it to change my entire setup by just tapping or swiping the iPad screen. Works great - for all the same reason soundog mentions above. Same idea, different app. Helix / iPad / Variax integration really is something that sets the Helix apart from all others...
  2. I got a Helix to use in conjunction with my JTV59 for gigs where I don't have a lot of stage room and can only take a single guitar. I wanted a floor unit that I could run straight to FOH, and just use whatever monitor they had at the venue, leaving my cabinet at home. Sounds great, responds great, super-flexible routing monster. Change guitar model, amp model, and tuning on a single footswitch? Hell yeah! I have since found out that I can also hook it up to my iPad, and then use my guitar via Midi Guitar 2 iOS app to trigger synth apps on the iPad (?!?). I'm still wrapping my head around all the possibilities, but the iPad thing alone makes the Helix more than worth it for me - and that's not even what I bought it for originally...
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