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  1. Probably the best I've heard coming out of my Helix. So good that I am going to have to redo my live setup from the ground up once again, once this year's gigging season slows down. I rebuilt all my stuff last year utilizing Michael Britt's amp blocks. Huge improvement from my own initial work. I expect these are going to provide another similar step up. HW has it going on. Then I may be done tweaking for a while. Until the next update where they include USB send/return blocks, and snapshot selectable inputs and outputs. Yeah, still dreaming...
  2. Since I was quoted... Sorry I'm not of much help as I use OnSong the other direction - for it to control the Helix, not for the Helix to control OnSong. They have a decent manual and maybe even some support at their site if I recall.
  3. If you have an iPad, check out the "OnSong" app: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/onsong-2020/id502344938 I never have to rearrange the setlists on my Helix. Can just do it all on the iPad once the songs are configured in the app, and can make new setlists for different shows by simply dragging and rearranging on my iPad screen. Huge time saver and I don't even need to be by my Helix or HX Edit to set up new shows.
  4. Ah, Send/Return USB blocks, so I can use my iPad live like an external effects board via AUM, or for more looping options, or to drive iOS synths, etc... Endless possibilities without tying up entire signal paths on the Helix. Still hoping for the day. And yes, I've already voted for it on ideascale because nobody of concern will find this here. Just dreamin' out loud, ya know?
  5. Definitely in agreement on the Michael Britt Helix pack. I ended up re-working my entire live setup on the Helix, switching over to his amp blocks exclusively - even though he doesn't use any of the newer amp models. He definitely has golden ears (and hands). The difference in tone and touch sensitivity has been quite noticeable. Thanks, Michael!
  6. Been gigging with these for years. Dependable, durable, flexible, feels like a regular guitar cable... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GVXIXFI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Possibly due to the In app purchases? Maybe contact the app developer directly. I vaguely remember contacting them about something years back and their being very accessible and friendly...but at my age I could be thinking about a neighbor or something like instead. ;-)
  8. I access the midi stuff by tapping the "A" icon on mine. I've had the app for a long time, think the midi functionality was in IAP back then. Well before they had any subscription model... My account info found under the gear icon lists "OnSong Pro" with four "add-ons" of "drawing" "midi" "console" and "scenes".
  9. sunset sinners - old glory MIDI: CC32:6@3, 0:46@3 First line is the song info Second line is the midi code The "@3" indicates I am transmitting on midi channel 4 (yeah I know off by one). The "6@3" loads bank 7 (yes, again the off by one thing). "0:46@3" loads patch 46 (this is correct and not off by one for some reason). Took some trial and error with the midi channel and bank number being off by one, and there may be a better way to code this, but once I get something to work I'm usually off to something else. I'll import a .pdf of some handwritten notes generally, and then attach this bit of code to it inside OnSong. Once that's done, rearranging set lists is as simple as moving stuff around with your finger. Never have to rearrange any patches on the Helix. Huge time saver, fantastic app!
  10. Integration of the Helix with an iPad really is astounding. Been wanting to do some videos on all the cool stuff I've stumbled across using an iPad, the Helix/PowerCab+, and my JTV in a live situation, but have been too busy recording and gigging with the band this year. Definitely not complaining, happy to just be able to be out there doing! Maybe this winter...
  11. I run my whole live rig from OnSong. Swipe the screen on the iPad, loads the Helix Patch, which in turn loads my guitar model and tuning on the JTV59. Works great. Any set list changes, just rearrange the set list in OnSong and I never have to touch the patch order on the Helix. Super easy to access multiple banks as well. Little snippet of code typed into the OnSong app takes care of everything. Tremendously useful app...
  12. Hook up an iPad to the Helix via USB, score "Midi Guitar 2" by Jamorigin: https://www.jamorigin.com/products/midi-guitar-for-ios and whatever iOS synths tickle your fancy, preferably ones that are auv3 compatible so you can load them in AUM for iOS: http://www.kymatica.com/apps/aum and prepare to have you mind blown by the possibilities (and the tracking). I realize I skipped over the specifics of routing/setup in the Helix and AUM, but if I can figure it out anyone can.
  13. I use OnSong on the iPad to control my Helix / Variax rig live. So while my set list on the Helix never changes, my set lists on my iPad in OnSong changes with every gig. I noticed the odd occasion when going from one song to another that my tone is muffled or wonky in some way, which could be cleared up by stepping on a button and reloading the snapshot. Now I believe I know what the cause is. Great stuff in 3.1, thanks Line 6! Still waiting around for snapshot selectable inputs and outputs, individual selectable multiple outputs other than just the whole lot of "multi", and USB send / return blocks (finger crossed)... This thing will be the ultimate live rig for me with those few additions!
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