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  1. Ed_Saxman's post in New Packs HD was marked as the answer   
    Yep, you need to plug the Pod to see the new amps.
    However, if you turn off the POD after being connected, the HDEdit continues to show the amps pack while the program is still open.
  2. Ed_Saxman's post in Why is my HD500x tuner not working when Variax is connected via VDI? was marked as the answer   
    Have you selected "Variax" as input 1?
  3. Ed_Saxman's post in About Midi sync was marked as the answer   
    In ableton, under preferences, MIDI Sync, MIDI Ports, I think you may need to activate the Sync button corresponding to your output MIDI device. Then, there must be a orange light flashing in the top left when you press play, meaning the MIDI Clock its being sent.
    Make sure you´re using the same MIDI channel or set it to "omni". Check if you´re connecting the MIDI Out from your interface, to the MIDI IN of the Pod.
  4. Ed_Saxman's post in Export List From L6 Edit was marked as the answer   
    Using HD500Lister.
    Read the comment from "ozbadman":
    1) Download the program:
    2) From a cmd line prompt type:
    java -jar HD500Lister.jar <filename>
    where the filename is a bundle filename. For example:
    java -jar HD500Lister.jar test.h5b
    This will create a .CSV file which you can load into excel.
    It only works with the current file format so if it changes, this won't work. Ideally, Line 6 may add this capability to the HD500Edit program sometime in the future.
  5. Ed_Saxman's post in Pod Hd Pro Vs Pod Hd Pro X was marked as the answer   
    Analog Devices SHARC ADSP 333Mhz (2.0 GFLOPS) VS. ADSP-21369 400Mhz (2.4 GFLOPS)
    20% increase.
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