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  1. Thank you, hurghanico! You are becoming on my salvation at this forum! ;)
  2. Hi, Does anybody knows if the Mic input on HD500X can feed phantom power to a condenser mic?
  3. Thank you! I will contact him by PM. Best!
  4. Hi, there! Do you know if there is a website (or similar) where I can download and test HD500X patches made specifically for bass? Don’t mind if they are free or not. I am looking only for a “very high quality sound” ones...
  5. Hi, there! Sometimes I have noticed my G30 Relay makes crazy noises (like a NASCAR car) if it is turned ON for a long time. I thought it was by the transmitter, but today I have discovered it is the receiver. Can anyone imagine what is going wrong and how could I solve it? There is an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzhl5g2xff23a73/Ruido Nascar.MOV?dl=0
  6. Hello, I have a G30 Relay from 2015. It has been working perfectly until last week, when I broke its transmitter. I have bought a new one. These days, I have been playing wired. My receiver is mounted on my pedalboard and it is always ON (without transmitter) when I use the pedalboard. Today, after an hour, more or less,it has started to make a lot of noise, so I have had to disconnect it. 1. Can I let the transmitter ON although I am playing by wire? 2. How can I check the firmware version of G30 transmitter / receiver? 3. When I get the new transmitter, how should I blind it to my old receiver? Best!
  7. Thank you again, hurghanico! Everything is clear now! Best! ;)
  8. Ok! You’ve convinced me! hahaha... ;) I will: 1. Update the firmware, by Monkey. 2. Do a Global Reset / Pedal Calib. 3. Not use License Manager. But there are my doubts: If I have an issue with the HD500X but it is not registered in my Line6 account, would I have support for it? The previous owner deleted the HD500X from his account. Could this action erase the fully loaded pack from the device? I have still not received the unit. By the way, he can not pass me the license because he bought it using a promotion...
  9. I think I will bought the HD Bass Model pack (because I don’t play guitar), which is about 30USD, and I will update firmware and register it into my account. I think that it doesn’t worth the risk of having troubles in a future...
  10. Where could I download the default patches exactly? Has Line6 a patches download section? Sorry, I am a newcomer to Line6’s world and I am a bit lost... : /
  11. My unit has installed the “fully loaded pack”, but my account doesn’t have it... Should I register the POD in my account? or only I have to remember NEVER user the License Manager with it connected?
  12. Hi there, I have bought an used HD500X and I would like to get it in a “Factory configuration”, because I don’t know If the previous owner did changes in any patch or configuration. How can I reset it completely? On the other side, how can I update it to its last firmware version? Best, Bartok
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