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  1. Really? A “standard” problem, did you tell? I had no idea of this issue… Does it affect to other Line6 Wireless models or only to this one?
  2. Hello, I own a Line6 G30 Relay. It was switched off a few months and it didn’t work when I tried to use it last week. The problem is the receiver: it doesn’t work. The transmitter has new batteries and it shows the green light (audio) blinking. The receiver has all its lights in red. I have contacted Line6 but they don’t offer solution different from change from RF mode. I’ve done it several times, but it diesn’t work. It is not a WiFi problem, too. It was working in RF2 with the WiFi without any problem but I switched off the router and the problem did persist. Anyone could imagine what’s going wrong? Any solution? Best!!
  3. Thank you, hurghanico! You are becoming on my salvation at this forum! ;)
  4. Hi, Does anybody knows if the Mic input on HD500X can feed phantom power to a condenser mic?
  5. Thank you! I will contact him by PM. Best!
  6. Hi, there! Do you know if there is a website (or similar) where I can download and test HD500X patches made specifically for bass? Don’t mind if they are free or not. I am looking only for a “very high quality sound” ones...
  7. Hi, there! Sometimes I have noticed my G30 Relay makes crazy noises (like a NASCAR car) if it is turned ON for a long time. I thought it was by the transmitter, but today I have discovered it is the receiver. Can anyone imagine what is going wrong and how could I solve it? There is an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wzhl5g2xff23a73/Ruido Nascar.MOV?dl=0
  8. Hello, I have a G30 Relay from 2015. It has been working perfectly until last week, when I broke its transmitter. I have bought a new one. These days, I have been playing wired. My receiver is mounted on my pedalboard and it is always ON (without transmitter) when I use the pedalboard. Today, after an hour, more or less,it has started to make a lot of noise, so I have had to disconnect it. 1. Can I let the transmitter ON although I am playing by wire? 2. How can I check the firmware version of G30 transmitter / receiver? 3. When I get the new transmitter, how should I blind it to my old receiver? Best!
  9. Thank you again, hurghanico! Everything is clear now! Best! ;)
  10. Ok! You’ve convinced me! hahaha... ;) I will: 1. Update the firmware, by Monkey. 2. Do a Global Reset / Pedal Calib. 3. Not use License Manager. But there are my doubts: If I have an issue with the HD500X but it is not registered in my Line6 account, would I have support for it? The previous owner deleted the HD500X from his account. Could this action erase the fully loaded pack from the device? I have still not received the unit. By the way, he can not pass me the license because he bought it using a promotion...
  11. I think I will bought the HD Bass Model pack (because I don’t play guitar), which is about 30USD, and I will update firmware and register it into my account. I think that it doesn’t worth the risk of having troubles in a future...
  12. Where could I download the default patches exactly? Has Line6 a patches download section? Sorry, I am a newcomer to Line6’s world and I am a bit lost... : /
  13. My unit has installed the “fully loaded pack”, but my account doesn’t have it... Should I register the POD in my account? or only I have to remember NEVER user the License Manager with it connected?
  14. Hi there, I have bought an used HD500X and I would like to get it in a “Factory configuration”, because I don’t know If the previous owner did changes in any patch or configuration. How can I reset it completely? On the other side, how can I update it to its last firmware version? Best, Bartok
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