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  1. pdjones2112

    parts list?

    I need to replace the channel volume pot on an hd500x. Anyone know what pot I need? Is there an official repair manual on the webs?
  2. pdjones2112

    hd500X issue

    My HD500X has been rock stable for 4 years. Very recently, I have noticed that the output randomly one of two things: 1) goes to almost zero in stereo or 2) one of the channels (L or R) goes to zero. If I change patches (or reload the current patch) via foot switch, it goes back to "normal". Has anyone seen this behavior? I have reflashed the firmware and reset all settings (power on + left arrow) and that does not seem to have helped. I may try that a few more times... but any input from the line 6 hive-mind? Thanks -Paul
  3. thanks. Do you think I can plug the HD in to a mixer/interface via XLR that has phantom turned on (phantom on the mixer)?
  4. I am seeing the 500X being offered through various music supply houses (Sweetwater, Sam Ash, GC etc...) for $500 beans... even after the launch of the Helix. Is the 500X still being produced or is this a "let get rid of old stock" play? Could we maybe see another firmware update at somepoint?
  5. Hi, I run my hd500x to my steinberg ur22 via an xlr cable. If I have phantom power on (to drive a condensor mic), with the POD connected as well, will this damage the POD in any way? To answer the logical question of "why and XLR from the POD?"... I find the signal is a little crisper and cleaner (probably an issue with my 1/4" cables... ). I would like to record guitar and vocals at the same time, using a condenser mic. Many thanks Paul
  6. Line 6 set the consumer expectation high with the launch of "idea scale". It seems for the POD HD users that none of the ideas posted in idea scale have actually been executed and delivered. I fully understand the fact that you buy what you buy and anything is gravy, but if you solicit ideas, the expectation is that some of them will be worked on.
  7. pdjones2112

    500x Edit Bug

    Ok, I hope this is just a tiny bug and not symptomatic of something a little bigger. I have noticed that when I adjust an amp's volume via the HD edit software (say loweing an AC-30 from 75% to 40%), it is reflected immediately in the unit (over all volume is lower). I then send the selected patch to the pod to save it. If I go to another patch and then back to the original - the pod has lost the new amp volume. HD edit says the level is the same as what was saved (40%), but it is much louder (sounds like 75%). If I adjust the volume on the pod and save it on the pod - all is good. I suspect there is nothing to do but hope it gets ironed out in the next update (which might be when??) Thanks -Paul
  8. Hi. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to set the sample rate for my POD HD Desktop to 96 kHz. Is this something that is handled by the DAW itself (I use Reaper)? -pdj
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