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  1. Thanks for the advice. Surely many of the questions that are asked in this forum could be found by deeply reading the instruction manual. But for this there are the forums, I suppose, to find shortcuts, and to be able to go directly to the point. Again, thanks for your reply. It has helped me solve my problem.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes. i did (have a loock at the manual), and couldn't find the answer to my problem. Thanks again.
  3. Hi rd2rk ! My only problem with the method you propose is that there is a noticeable drop in volume on the lead guitar when you step on the footswitch enabling the loop channel. Is there a way to avoid this and keep the volumes even as before? Thx!
  4. Yes. I want to listen only the rhythm part alone through Send, and the lead through L/R. Can you tell me another solution?
  5. Hello. I Follow your instructions. And now the lead guitar signal comes out alone through a stereo channel and the looper (rhythm) through a third channel (Send). But through the SEND channel the loop signal (rhythm ) comes out along with the lead guitar signal. Question: is there any way to get the looper (rhythm guitar) sound to come out on a totally separate channel from the lead guitar sound? Thx again.
  6. Thanks for your answer. I will try the patern today
  7. HI! I have a Helix LT and I would like to have a chain that has the possibility of having the sound of the looper in an independent channel (for example, keep my guitar sound in stereo, and send the sound of the looper through a third channel to the sound system). How can I achieve this? Thx!
  8. Pena que en mi país el FC300 salga tan caro. Si sumo todo lo necesario para controlar la Stomp y evaluo el espacio que pcupa todo casi que me conviene mas tener una LT
  9. Me paso exactamente lo mismo con un Boss RV 300. No se de que depende, o si esto se puede modificar desde la Stomp Obviamente no todos los pedales sirven para esto. Line 6 tendría que sacar una lista oficial de pedales que sirven a excepción de los propios Line 6
  10. Hurry up!! Don´t forget us!!! You made it with the Midi Designer Pro?
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