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  1. Schmalle

    Impedance question

    Boss OD-1: 220kOhm Boss CE-1: 50kOhm max ... To state it as clear as possible: If the first pedal block defines the input impedance while being in bypass state - that is buffered bypass behavior.
  2. Schmalle

    Impedance question

    It's a question of buffered vs true bypass as default behavior - Line6 originally went with what most pedals do: buffer. I agree - the recent change was for the better. BTW: Boss pedals come with a variety of input impedances.
  3. Schmalle

    Impedance question

    Please elaborate on that!
  4. Schmalle

    Impedance question

    Boss pedals behave that way as well as most other non true bypass devices.
  5. I was thinking more of the campaining / getting people to vote aspect - and agree.
  6. I get what you're saying. For me that explanation stuff can be done as a one liner. It's boring... what's interesting your idea, because it potentially benefits the reader and needs their attention. Also: Democracy is a crappy system, but it seems to be the best we've got. So... I appreciate your efforts...
  7. I voted for it. My point was: consider people's attention span. Put an abstract of what you want first. I.e. instead of the title "Lobbying for Ideascale Votes" something like "Vote for my 'fine-grained snapshot bypass' proposal!" would be much more to the point.
  8. I don't know what this is about because I'm lazy and stopped reading after 3 sentences of rambling without a hint on what the proposal / idea is.
  9. Very true. And another rabbit hole - a tempting and fun one though.
  10. You're right - it depends in where the master is placed i.e.: In my Laney AOR i.e. the master volume is before the FX loop. SO it wouldn't sound different. On a SLO however the FX loop is before the tone stack followed by the master volume - plugging a preamp in the FX return and boost it would sound significantly different then boosting with master. Also with a late master volume ( post PI) is different from pre PI master.
  11. I just didn't pay too much attention to the word 'boost'. And I didn't need a lecture on things I already know. Also the no preamp but power amp saturation thing is doable in a lot of models - how do you think i.e. a Vox works?
  12. I'd say: Nailed it! I hear small differences but those could have all sorts of causes of which the two most likely are: my ears making stuff up and circuit component fluctuations and variations like different pots. The character of the original is definitely there.
  13. You just described master volume which is integrated in all models already.
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