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  1. In 3.15 I still find the Das Benzin level (both channels) too low. I use it with master at 2, because it looses clarity / high end and 'Diezelness' with higher values.
  2. Schmalle


    Cabs with pronounced upper midrange in general: Alnicos and Celestion H speakers... I.e: Jensen P12Q / C12Q Celestion G12H30 / G12H75 JBL D120
  3. I use a parametric eq to do that: Parametric: LoFreq 20Hz LowQ 0.1 LoGain +6dB MdFreq 2.1kHz MidQ 1.4 MdGain +5.5dB HiFreq 3.7kHz High Q 1.0 HiFain -6.0dB Level +3.0dB The HiFreq is at 3.7kHz because that's my Strat bridge pickup's resonance frequency (found by ear). Humbucker resonance frequencies are typically around 2kHz. Use MdFreq to adjust to taste. The LoFreq with low Q=0.1 (very wide) adds fatness and the level adds gain. Try it and report back it it does the trick for you!
  4. Make sure your fx loop is serial and not parallel.
  5. Schmalle

    IRs Doubt

    BTW: If you happen to have the exact same IR on your device already then the downloaded patch will automatically find the right IR slot. This is possible because every IR has a unique fingerprint (hash value) which is (secretly) stored in the patch.
  6. Schmalle

    Helix stomp FX

    Search for 4CM or four cable method and you'll find plenty information and instructions on it.
  7. It seems you have a wrong concept of the Stomp Mode - one block per switch isn't a thing. You can have more blocks then switches and you can assign a switch to multiple blocks.
  8. A bit confusing phrased questions - could you rephrase? What happened: You can only assign each Send and Return signal once. Loop1 assigns Send1 and Return1 - and since Send1 was already assigned Loop1 couldn't be selected.
  9. Boss OD-1: 220kOhm Boss CE-1: 50kOhm max ... To state it as clear as possible: If the first pedal block defines the input impedance while being in bypass state - that is buffered bypass behavior.
  10. It's a question of buffered vs true bypass as default behavior - Line6 originally went with what most pedals do: buffer. I agree - the recent change was for the better. BTW: Boss pedals come with a variety of input impedances.
  11. Please elaborate on that!
  12. Boss pedals behave that way as well as most other non true bypass devices.
  13. I was thinking more of the campaining / getting people to vote aspect - and agree.
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