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  1. You can also emulate switching between both inputs of a real Princeton by switching In-Z between 1MOhm and 136kOhm using snapshots. That's an option to make up for the difference in level of humbuckers vs single coils.
  2. Classic bug - off by one. Classic means expectable. Expectable means unit testable.
  3. Schmalle

    Shelf EQ

  4. Schmalle

    Das Benzin Amp?

    I'm very impressed with the Benzin models as well. Especially the Mega is a fireworks of touch sensitive articulation while the sound is still resting on a nicely compressed and thick - but never boomy or muddy - bottom end. The mids are so musical and complex. That VH4 channel 3 is legendary for a reason, and Line6 captured the mojo, imho.
  5. I've not read the word tone pot in this thread so far.
  6. Horizon Drive -> Solo Lead OD -> York MES 212 V30 = end of quest for metal tone. ...for now...
  7. Schmalle

    Using an amp/cab/IR

    Class D amp, very neutral power amp section. No wonder it sounds better with full amp sims. Good for you - makes it easy to enjoy the whole tube amp experience with the TC.
  8. Schmalle

    Using an amp/cab/IR

    Power amps are voiced differently across the spectrum of amps on the marked, especially tube amps. What amp do you use?
  9. Schmalle

    Using an amp/cab/IR

    The preamp category is the amp models minus their individual power amp section. Look at it as "something that alters the sound so that it's good when plugging into a power amp or fx return jack of an actual amp".
  10. Schmalle

    Using an amp/cab/IR

    Plug a bass in - that usually helps.
  11. Is it orthodox? As addressed by others above, It is considered a heretic practice by modeling Catholicism. Some mojo-agnostics commit the sin of calling IRs naturally derived linear filters and use it for profane means like equalization.So far none of them has been struck by lightning...
  12. Had a quick spin with 3.0 on my Hx Stomp. Great additions. The Diezels and the Princeton are spot on - call me impressed - well chosen default settings, too. Favorite new features: 8 blocks EQ frequency is now adjustable in 1Hz steps Shuffling Looper Min/Max Value Indicators User Model Defaults Updated manual Thank you Line6 for this great update!
  13. It fixes the subjective well-being of Tito83 from TGP forum. Also, true bypass behavior is easily achievable by setting Auto Impedance to "First Enabled".
  14. Why not use the not-alternate path and put a second IR block in there and pan it hard left? [Use 1024 sample IR blocks for that.]
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