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  1. #Me too Skipping (discrete) values since last update. Annoying. Well worth a minor fix update.
  2. Drums are low and not punchy. Levels are uneven between instruments. Guitars could be more upfront and aggressive. Bass sounds good, synths are great. Vocals are good, but too loud. You could listen to some band mixes in that genre - then pick your favorite and try to mix / compare towards that goal. While doing that listen through more than one monitor system and also test through headphones. You could also hire someone to do that for or with you. The weak spot here is mixing - not musicianship or creativity. A lot of potential and well worth the effort imho.
  3. Schmalle


    Since hum is only for a short time I'd guess (input) gate settings with too long decay, but 4s is too long for that.
  4. From what I've read the Helix switching circuit is using a transistor in open collector configuration. This means it is not isolated from the amp it tries to switch and ground loops are possible - the loud hum indicates that this is the case. So you'll need to find another method to switch channels.
  5. For an old school rocker like me: Lower mids are what the guitar actually needs to fill in a trio. Conspire with the bass player to create a wall of sound together. This means talking and exploring together what a band should sound like. I'd focus on the core amp sound. It should be a great crunch sound on guitar vol 5, overdrive on 7 and lead on 8-10, and edge of breakup on 3. Alternatively shift one gear back (overdrive on 9, clean-ish below 4) and rely on an OD for lead. If a simple chord with rolled back guitar vol sounds great without FX in context with the bass - rich with good sustain - then the next step is not to collide with the singer too much (treble vs presence trait off). And for me the cab should have a o-vowel-ish sound meaning it should sit more on the lower mids and not too much on bass. At this point you should be able to play a whole show with just that one sound and make people happy. If that is done add bells and whistles, make stuff interesting and colorful.
  6. To rant a little more this is the landing page for the European Line 6 authorized service center: Unreadable - didn't change in at least the last year.
  7. Distortion blocks work fine as usual in 3.5.
  8. Schmalle

    I did it!

    Congrats! This promo might be of interest: Buy a Helix or HX Amp and Effects Processor and Get Cubase LE 12, the Helix Native Plugin, and the Metallurgy Collection of Plugins Free
  9. I have a Laney AOR Series 30. It has more options but it can sound VERY close to the Brit 2204. The treble pot is different - 3 on the Brit is about 6 on the Laney. And the Laney seems to have more sag. The Brit 2204 is a 70s Marshall (not the 800 series) and Laney seems to have ripped this version of and put more features on it. The Laney's pulled volume cleaner side sound close to the Brit J45 btw.
  10. Try the US Deluxe preamps into the power amp. A bass 3, mids 4, treble 3 setting should simulate a 5/5/5 setting on the DeVille for cleans. Norm = no bright / Vib = bright.
  11. @DJ5D I took the challenge and this DualCab is my take on getting something close to "your" IR: Moo)))n T75 57Dyn, center, 2.00", 45°, LC 80Hz, HC 12kHz, +0.5dB, center, 0.0ms Moo)))n T75 4038Rib, 4.5, 2.50", 0°, LC 80Hz, HC off, -0.5dB, center, 0.06ms I struggled quite a bit and it's certainly not 100% the same, but at least in the ballpark imho.
  12. If you don't want phase artifacts use zero delay on both cabs in the dual cab block.
  13. Dual Cali V30 with 421 Dyn + 160 Ribn can do the trick, too.
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