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  1. This is normal behavior with guitars with passive pickups. Passive guitar electronics are designed to drive a high impedance (e.g. 1 MOhm). Technically they are weak voltage sources (the voltage is the signal) and break down when they are forced to drive a low impedance (e.g. 10 kOhm). You might have not realized this before because you used a pedal in front or a guitar with active electronics which can drive a low impedance.
  2. Should be no problem. You can use a gain block, set it to +3db and Bypass Assign it to FS4. Or Controller Assign any Level / Gain / Volume parameter that is suitable for your application to FS4. You need to set Global Settings: Preferences -> EXP/FS Tip to FS4 Preferences -> Tip Polarity to Normal (depends on the polarity switch of the FS-5) Footswitches -> FS4 Function to Stomp4 Connect the FS-5U with a simple TS cable to the footswitch input.
  3. No. The HX One has something called FLUX that allows you to ramp between parameter values. If FLUX will ever come to the rest of the Helix family that would be the solution combined with a Whammy block. So, fingers crossed, I guess.
  4. @markcopeland74 Ah, that is an issue that is different from what I thought when I read your previous posts. Apologies. I don't have an HX Effects. Maybe selecting the Stomp is causing this. Experiment with the options in Global Settings -> Switches -> Stomp Select.
  5. Please note that the nameless snapshot labels occur when you use Prev or Next. When you use SnapshotX (where X is the target number) then the button is named.
  6. Maybe for now only use Snapshot Commands to toggle between two snapshots? This way you always know that the foot switch gets you to "the other" snapshot. Generally what you're proposing is a great idea. HX is constantly evolving and I also hope that target snapshot names will show up in the foot switch labels in the a future update
  7. Unfortunately there is no MIDI PC toggle command. I agree it would be a nice and useful addition.
  8. The Astro manual only talks about MIDI PC (program change) messages and doesn't mention MIDI CC messages, are you sure they are implemented? Source? PC messages are BankPC Commands in Command Center. Only set the Progam parameter and it should work with OMNI (any MIDI channel).
  9. Hi! The Stomp (XL) definitely can't switch the Kraken on it's own and an additional MIDI switcher is needed. A used Nobels MS4 or the PirateMIDI Click (not too happy with it's small TRS MIDI jacks) would be my budget suggestions.
  10. Delay -> Stereo -> Multitap 4 Experiment with very low Time values.
  11. Overdrive is a function of input level - if you keep the signal going into the Retro Reel low you should be fine. Try the Legacy->Jet Flanger with 0% Feedback, 100% Manual, 100% Depth, 0.1 Hz Speed, 50% Mix as a starting point. It is pretty awesome for a subtle lush something extra. Play with Feedback and Mix and be aware: it's addictive.
  12. Not directly. Using Command Center you can program a foot switch to switch snapshots in Stomp Mode using Command Center. This way you're not using Snapshot Mode at all. Or you can use a MIDI cable between MIDI OUT and MIDI IN and program an Instant Command to fire a MIDI CC#71:3 (Snapshot MODE). This will put the device in Stomp Mode every time you choose a snapshot.
  13. Yes. In Snapshot Mode : press the upper knob turn (not press) the lower knob to select the Snapshot press ACTION press Clear SnapName
  14. The manual is for firmware 3.0. Since then updates have been made and MIDI functionality has been added. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive document for this AFAIK You can see the firmware changes here. But I think CC#72 and CC#73 are the only relevant additions for you.
  15. How did you read that out of my post? By default seems to use CC 72 value 64-127 = next preset, value 0-63 = previous preset.
  16. Hi. The HX Stomp doesn't use MIDI banks. You can only achieve bank switching by setting up some foot switches on the Stomp to do that. You can then emulate pressing those bank foot switches via MIDI [CC #48+x where x is the foot switch number e.g. emulating pressing FS4 is MIDI CC#52]. See HX manual p.60 for what the HX can do MIDI wise and add: CC 72 value 64-127 = next preset, value 0-63 = previous preset. CC 73 toggles between Play and Edit views The DMC manual gives some HX specific suggestion on p. 21.
  17. Plugging in the USB cable creates a path to the Laptops's ground via the USB shield. The hiss is the difference between the Laptop's ground and the mixer's ground. A battle proven fix is using a ground isolator / hum eliminator like the Behringer HD400 / Pyle PHE300 between HX's outs and the mixer. DI Boxes with ground lift work, too.
  18. HX Stomp is a USB class compliant device. It is not a USB host (like your computer).
  19. It is the same as pressing Tap+Mode. But whether that is true (analog) bypass or DSP bypass depends on Global Settings -> Preferences -> Bypass Type. Tip: you can use HX Effects as a MIDI Controller using Command Center. With a MIDI cable connecting MIDI Out and MIDI In you can test stuff like this yourself. In this case set up a footswitch: Command = CC Toggle, MIDI Channel = Base, CC = 70. Dim = 0, Lit = 127.
  20. The feedbacker is DSP heavy; about 1/3 of the amp models use less. When you deleted stuff you just didn't delete enough. It shows up consistently once the patch has enough free DSP.
  21. Schmalle

    Sound loss

    Is this patch specific or general (across all presets) behavior?
  22. You can visualize the path lines as stereo cables. A path is still stereo when both stereo channels carry the same signal (like e.g. after an amp). In that case the path is stereo but the signal is effectively mono.
  23. That is a contradiction. Paths are always stereo; blocks can be mono or stereo.
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