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  1. For the first time in my fairly long guitar career, I'll be heading into a 'pro' studio with my band in August. We'll spend a whole weekend at the studio with a sound guy and producer. I'll be bringing my HX Stomp with me (the sound guy is familiar with the Helix line, so it should be fine). My main guitar will be a Music Man JPXI. I'd love to hear tips on getting killer tone with the Stomp/Helix and general tips for a studio newbie?
  2. I really cant figure this out... I just want to record a few ideas with Audacity, but it only records my unprocessed guitar sound through the HX Stomp. I havent been able to find any setting that allows me to push the processed signal through the USB. Any ideas?
  3. Update: I redid all my patches, so I could utilize snapshots - I'm completely sold on it now. The effect trailing is an amazing feature, the transitions seamless and instant.
  4. I have my first gig with the HX Stomp in a week. Does anyone have great tips for live sound with a Stomp or Helix? I'll be running a mono signal to FOH. I ran the unit at gigging volume today and noticed that I had to lower treble and presence on a lot of patches (I usually play through Sennheiser 280 pro headphones). I generally have low cut at 100 and high cut at 8-9k on all patches.
  5. I use a fairly 'dry' signal (rarely more than amp - reverb - delay at most), and doubt I'll run into problems with the six blocks. I'm gonna run with a preset for each of my bands songs and use snapshots for stuff like solo boosts and changes between verse and chorus. So that's it. A guitar into the HX Stomp, output to FOH (I'm using a Yamaha DXR10 FRFR in rehearsal, might lug it to some gigs). Anyone else using/gigging an HX Stomp by itself?
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll try going the snapshot route. I had my first band rehearsal with the stomp yesterday, and while the sound was amazing (though some tweaking is still needed), I did notice the pause when switching presets between stuff like verse and chorus patches.
  7. New Line6 user here - got a Stomp last week and loving it so far (switched from using an ElevenRack for many years). I'm wondering - is there any advantage to using Snapshots instead of Presets, apart from the trailing feature on reverbs and delays? I haven't dived too far into the features, but from what I gathered, I cant switch amp models between Snapshots, only when changing presets? I'd love to hear wether people primarily uses Snapshots or Presets to switch between stuff like verse-chorus-solo.
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