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  1. Hey Marc, I’ve payed a Vetta ii for years and bought the FH1500 because I was excited about the speaker cab. The cab sound and modifiable foot switch parts of the FH are great. Losing the double amp and double tracking features of the vetta ii is a bummer, and feels like a step back. Tones on the FH are different from the vetta, so you gotta sign up to rework your tones. The out of box tones on the FH aren’t as versatile and usable as the vetta either, imho. The tone controller on the FH is much easier to use, via iPad, and building a tone set list is easier.Long story short, I’m still mainly using my vetta, while slowly porting over to the 1500 (after a year). But chalk that up to me being slow to transition. For overall sound, volume, and flexibility, FH has a lot packed in. You just can’t get all the great tones that the vetta enables. (So hang onto the vetta). ;) Scott
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