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  1. I did was Hescaz suggested and that did the trick. BTW: I am on 2.81 only...
  2. I recenty bought a Helix and tweaked some sounds at home using an QSC 10.2 My first live gig (HELIX went straight into PA + return from monitor ) was a bit disappointing. Maybe my sounds weren't that good (or the monitor or its EQ was bad). Anyway, it did not sound like what I prepared at home at all. Maybe on a Powercab I could prepare the sounds better at home. But - maybe a silly question - how do you amplify a powercab on stage? Do you then put a mike in front of it ?
  3. I am debating to go for a new Helix, Helix LT or even BOSS GT-1000 (the display of my old GT-5, which has served me very well for over two decades, is not 100% reliable anymore) I have had some experience with Line6 products (Flextone III) and a few issues with the software (sudden patch changes). A helpticket suggested to reinstall the firmware, but eventually it did not solve the problem alltogether If I scroll through 28 pages of Helix Bug reports, I am getting worried if I should purchase yet an other L6 product. All the software issues sound a little to frightening to me..... help me guys and convince me...
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