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  1. Yes, still not able to make the editor and the helix to talk to each other, I download that version of the driver and it is the one I'm using, I can see a ton of drivers, what would you suggest for an "earlier" driver?, thank you
  2. Yes, I am using the USB cable, I tried to do the open/close with the editor but still didn't work, haven't tried to use another cable but the reason why I disregard that option is because the helix is being connected to my pc.
  3. Hi guys, I have recently buy a Helix LT, It sounds great so far and I love it, I have used Line 6 since more than 10 years ago, my first pedal board was the XT Live and then I got the HD500X, those were great as well, I had no problem with them but it seems like the helix is a little bit more complicated in terms of software, my LT has the 2.71 firmware, I download the editor and the latest driver I could find here, I installed everything with the Helix unplugged, I can see the helix as part of my external devices but when I try to use the editor I'm getting a message saying "no device connected", happened the same thing with the Line 6 updater, the screen is all black as if no device was connected. Am I missing something?, Do I need to do or install something else?. Thanks in advance.
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