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  1. Good day guys, POD HD500 have been a great unit UNTIL....I'm using full 4 cable method. Problem: I'm getting DIGITAL DISTORTION when I crank my Laney Ironheart pass 6 o'clock. Elaboration: I'm using STOMP mode since LINE produce insane hiss. My guitar ---> IRT--->Vox 1x12 celestion G12M is super quiet even @ hard rock Alice In Chain kind of gain setting, running without any noise gate. Request: Please help me guys, I've been using POD HD500 for 4 years and this problem put me away from POD HD for post pre-amp stage efx processing. Any tricks to solve this problem? If so, please share. Treat me like a newbie , I'm seriously need a solid solution or else I just sell this POD and go for analog setup. Best regards, Damien
  2. Damien19

    QUESTION: How can I use the POD HD 500 to mic my cab?

    Hi Rewolf48, thanks for replying :) Actually, I already gave up on POD's cab sims. To me they are mostly sound harsh or too muffled and lack the "pushing air" live feel. I don't know man, they just don't sound natural to me. I spent 2 years trying to live with em. I read and tried what's mentioned in this blog too , http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/eq. It's really different listening to the , lets say The Gazette - Suicide Circus guitar tone and trying to get the feel with POD cab sim. The sound of the cab pushing / sounds of the cab is alive is missing :( Right now I'm trying out JTM 45 sim with the Laney cab. Sounds really earthy with nice warm break up texture in my room. I slam the JTM 45 with the Boost comp. Later I will record it when I really free and no one is around in my house. I really want to crank the volume up and get the speaker excursion and the cab really vibrating.
  3. Damien19

    QUESTION: How can I use the POD HD 500 to mic my cab?

    Here are the quick results. Tested with fairly low gain setting from the Bogner Uber sim. Double tracked: https://soundcloud.com/ahmad-nafis-hisyam/real-micked-cab251 Quad tracked: https://soundcloud.com/ahmad-nafis-hisyam/real-micked-254 Don't be so harsh to armature hobbist like me ya ^_^ I still got a lot to learn :D
  4. Damien19

    QUESTION: How can I use the POD HD 500 to mic my cab?

    Thank you very much for your help Mr. Silverhead! :) Based on your preset, I figure out the best way to mic my cab. Here it is: guitar---->4band EQ--->boost comp--->hard gate--->Bogner Uber sim (no cab)--->Vintage EQ--->FX loop---->|mixer mute Mic--->Noise gate--->VIntage EQ---------------->|mixer centre not mute----------->USB-->Laptop FX loop details: FX send----------cable----------->MXR10BandEQ input-----MXR10BandEQ output--cable-->Laney power amp--->HH speaker I really need to becareful to not make the signal from the mic clip tho. I am surprise about how good the result. It's beyond my expectation. Now I can hear the real cab pushing air and hear the how the room effects the sound. I will try to post the soundclip result here. Pardon the simple riff I made up about 1min before the test recording ^_^
  5. Hello wise and experienced POD HD500 users! :D To cut things short: I want to use the amp sim and route the signal into my Laney TI15-112 Combo power amp so I can use the good HH speaker of the combo instead of the pod's cab sim which I don't like. The twist is, then I want to record the sound from the HH speaker using a microphone which will be connected to POD HD 500 MIC IN. I want to use the POD HD 500 as pre amp sim and use it as microphone interface linked to my laptop at the same time. Please teach me sensei ^_^ . My current setup: Guitar --> Bogner Uberschall sim (cab sim off) --> Vintage EQ (as low and high pass filters) -->(from L/MONO out) MXR 10 band EQ--> Laney TI15-112 Power amp --> HH speaker <-- I want to mic this speaker using a microphone connected to POD HD 500 while I'm performing. The POD HD500 is connected to my laptop via USB cable. Kindly please guide / advice / teach me sensei, about how to set it up and make it work ^_^ Thank you! Best Regards, Your humble fellow Pod User.