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  1. Good day guys, POD HD500 have been a great unit UNTIL....I'm using full 4 cable method. Problem: I'm getting DIGITAL DISTORTION when I crank my Laney Ironheart pass 6 o'clock. Elaboration: I'm using STOMP mode since LINE produce insane hiss. My guitar ---> IRT--->Vox 1x12 celestion G12M is super quiet even @ hard rock Alice In Chain kind of gain setting, running without any noise gate. Request: Please help me guys, I've been using POD HD500 for 4 years and this problem put me away from POD HD for post pre-amp stage efx processing. Any tricks to solve this problem? If so, please share. Treat me like a newbie , I'm seriously need a solid solution or else I just sell this POD and go for analog setup. Best regards, Damien
  2. Hi Rewolf48, thanks for replying :) Actually, I already gave up on POD's cab sims. To me they are mostly sound harsh or too muffled and lack the "pushing air" live feel. I don't know man, they just don't sound natural to me. I spent 2 years trying to live with em. I read and tried what's mentioned in this blog too , http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/eq. It's really different listening to the , lets say The Gazette - Suicide Circus guitar tone and trying to get the feel with POD cab sim. The sound of the cab pushing / sounds of the cab is alive is missing :( Right now I'm trying out JTM 45 sim with the Laney cab. Sounds really earthy with nice warm break up texture in my room. I slam the JTM 45 with the Boost comp. Later I will record it when I really free and no one is around in my house. I really want to crank the volume up and get the speaker excursion and the cab really vibrating.
  3. Here are the quick results. Tested with fairly low gain setting from the Bogner Uber sim. Double tracked: https://soundcloud.com/ahmad-nafis-hisyam/real-micked-cab251 Quad tracked: https://soundcloud.com/ahmad-nafis-hisyam/real-micked-254 Don't be so harsh to armature hobbist like me ya ^_^ I still got a lot to learn :D
  4. Thank you very much for your help Mr. Silverhead! :) Based on your preset, I figure out the best way to mic my cab. Here it is: guitar---->4band EQ--->boost comp--->hard gate--->Bogner Uber sim (no cab)--->Vintage EQ--->FX loop---->|mixer mute Mic--->Noise gate--->VIntage EQ---------------->|mixer centre not mute----------->USB-->Laptop FX loop details: FX send----------cable----------->MXR10BandEQ input-----MXR10BandEQ output--cable-->Laney power amp--->HH speaker I really need to becareful to not make the signal from the mic clip tho. I am surprise about how good the result. It's beyond my expectation. Now I can hear the real cab pushing air and hear the how the room effects the sound. I will try to post the soundclip result here. Pardon the simple riff I made up about 1min before the test recording ^_^
  5. Hello wise and experienced POD HD500 users! :D To cut things short: I want to use the amp sim and route the signal into my Laney TI15-112 Combo power amp so I can use the good HH speaker of the combo instead of the pod's cab sim which I don't like. The twist is, then I want to record the sound from the HH speaker using a microphone which will be connected to POD HD 500 MIC IN. I want to use the POD HD 500 as pre amp sim and use it as microphone interface linked to my laptop at the same time. Please teach me sensei ^_^ . My current setup: Guitar --> Bogner Uberschall sim (cab sim off) --> Vintage EQ (as low and high pass filters) -->(from L/MONO out) MXR 10 band EQ--> Laney TI15-112 Power amp --> HH speaker <-- I want to mic this speaker using a microphone connected to POD HD 500 while I'm performing. The POD HD500 is connected to my laptop via USB cable. Kindly please guide / advice / teach me sensei, about how to set it up and make it work ^_^ Thank you! Best Regards, Your humble fellow Pod User.
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