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  1. Yeah, i've done that before, not all the time- it was an apparent over-sight. But alas, all is well & good. Hopefully someone who is having trouble with the update will sift through all the complaints & concerns about it, opening their eyes to a possible mistake they may have made. Thanks for the info and the reminder!
  2. Because there are billions of people out there all with different mental capacities, focuses, thought processes & savvy. And sometimes, yes sometimes, our shortcomings will be amplified over our know-how depending on where the strength's & weaknesses lie AND intentions. Thankfully tho, a mistake/oversight/lapse in judgement doesn't necessarily reflect the true nature of the being in question. As it's been said before "Nobody is perfect...." If you or someone else out there is perfect, please, allow me to be your follower.
  3. I've been messing around with various amps but having trouble nailing down the best one- take a listen and if you're willing, help a brother out with finding the best amp & settings for this tone: There are actually 2 guitars playing the same thing (I've seen them play it live back in '92 or '93 and remember both guitarists playing identically) - don't think it's a chorus effect on the guitars either. Would also appreciate an idea of a 4x12 they'd be using, because THAT I have no idea and don't recall from when I saw them. One of my favorite metal albums ever! The whole tone, mix, everything about everything just amazes me.
  4. Love this thread! I've been so frustrated with the update initially BUT, man, once it was all done, the amp/fx additions have been incredible! Major fan. I agree with Jnnh73: The new stuff is making me redo my favorite setups by making even BETTER sounds!
  5. It never worked since I've had it. Got it off of Reverb in what was apparently "Like New" condition. Ha! Apparently the guy bamboozled me.
  6. I've tried.. Quite a bit.
  7. Heyo! I've been wondering this ever since I got the Helix about 2 years ago- Why is the expression pedal always set as Exp 2, instead of Exp 1 considering it's the only pedal on the board? I'm guessing it's possible to have it set as Exp 1 as default but nowhere have I been able to find it. When going into the Command Center, the on-board pedal is shown as Exp1 but on the screen above the pedal, it shows it as Exp 2. Why is that? Also, in Command Center, it shows a toggle above the on-board Exp pedal and lists it as "EXP Toe Switch"- What switch is this? and why is it not actually on the board? It's also a shame the Exp pedal can't toggle on/off as a regular exp pedal. Anyone know what it was designed that way?
  8. Update: Got it working! One of the problems is the page to download HXEdit update- there are 2 downloads for it (one after the other), the first one (88.3 mb) is a .dmg file that all it did was open web browsers. There's a second download link (82mb) is the real .exe 2.80 update file; 3rd one down is the 2.71 update. First time I tried the whole fix-it list, that first download link wasn't there, just the correct one. So it seems, after uninstalling and re-installing the HXEdit program a 3rd time (after this whole link debacle) , that's what did it. Cheers!
  9. But thanks for the advice anyway. Gotta call support.
  10. FYI, re-doing this list again and still nothing. Also, The guys at Line6 may want to look at their HXedit download site page, 2.8 download comes up twice (one after another), first one is a download to a .dmg file that just opens browsers over and over again. 2nd one is the one that works, just about the 2.71 download.
  11. Ha! You underestimate the curse that lingers over me regarding anything electronic. So far, out of the first 3 steps, nothing has worked. We'll see.
  12. I'm in the same boat. Software now isn't recognizing the Helix considering the Helix failed (as shown on the screen) and had been that way for roughly 5-6 hours. Tomorrow's another day!
  13. I should also mention, when the window went back to the login, which seemed odd to me, I logged back in and as you can see from the pic, it didnt read the Helix although its plugged in. It's been 2 hours and still shows what you see. Maybe something will happen by the time I wake up but not holding my breath. If anyone has a recommendation for something i can do before calling support, I'd love to know what you've got.
  14. So I read all about the update, followed it to-the-letter and ended up bricking(?) My helix. To make the short story shorter, I started the updater (after backing up & all of that), took about 15 mins for the window to come up where you press "ok" or something like that but after about 6 hours the update bar was still stuck in the middle. The updater window apparently went back to the login, whereas the Helix screen shows what these pic show. So, I've gotta call tech support in the morning (hopefully they're around on saturdays because I need the pedal this weekend). My warning to you is to not take this update lightly, it could screw with your board.
  15. erikwt78

    Auto Swell

    Auto swell on the helix is garbage, especially compared to the likes of all the other reverb/delay pedals out there; not intuitive at all! I bought this Helix acouple of years ago and have tried all the old/new swell pedals, settings & placements within the chain and still not worth it - in my case - to use. I always end up going back to either just using the pedal but more times than not, the guitar volume knob. With all the very well thought of & responsive effects they've been able to put in the Helix, the auto swell is definitely the poorest out of any. I'm sure they'll be able to fix the current ones or at least come up with something new some day. Now to play devils advocate, the current setting i have with the adriatic swell is the best i could get it but it always ends up either not playing a note no matter how hard i hit it or if I dampen one notes swell, it'll play the next as if no swell was used at all.
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