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  1. Hi I'm selling my Friedman FRFR , really enjoy the sound of it but it's too cumbersome to lug around. UK based (Midlands), Message me if interested. http://friedmanamplification.com/products/stage-monitors/asm-12/
  2. http://friedmanamplification.com/products/stage-monitors/asm-12/
  3. Hi all I've been using my Helix successfully with the Friedman ASM12(1/4 output set to Line out), but recently I decided to setup the XLR output for plugging into the PA(XLR output set to MIC). The PA really doesn't like it at all, it breaks up quite badly, i have to really back off the volume to keep it from doing it. I tried using the 'line' output setting but that was worse. It's like the signal is just too hot for the PA, yet my Friedman sounds great. If I have to mess with Global EQ then isn't it going to mess with how the Friedman sounds!! What am I missing ? Andy
  4. Hi all I'm not using the amp modelling stuff just yet(I have Mesa Boogies so don't really see the point), but using the Helix into the front of the amp does seem to flatten my tone. Is the 4 cable method the only way to get the tone back ? Thanks
  5. There are some good starter DG patches in there already that just need some tweaks to get them closer, I will upload my when I'm done ... and I figure out how to upload them. I am a little shocked to see people 'sell' patches !!
  6. People complained about the same thing when the TC Nova System came out, I never had an issue because (as said above) I queue up everything I need for a song in one patch and manipulate what i need within the patch/song. This way I can avoid bank/patch changing mid song. The TC Nova System has served me brilliantly despite what people called 'switching lag'. I plan to use the Helix in the same way and it's the only way IMHO.
  7. Is it just me or is the Rotary lacking something, I have Strymon Mobious and I have to say the Helix doesn't even come close to the Rotary and Univibe on the Stymon. I'm loving else in there but somewhat disappointed my the modulations.
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