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  1. What is the current state of play with the reverbs in the Helix? Have they improved?
  2. Hi everyone Looking to get into the Helix to replace my Axe FX Ultra. Floorboard solution is what I want. Before I do (they are very rare here in Australia), surely there are some Gimour tone nuts that have a Helix by now? Can anyone post some Gimour patches/tones you have made. I'd be interested in tones from songs like Run like hell Time Comfortably numb Sorrow The wall Coming back to life I'm quite OCD when it comes to Gilmour tones. For my Run like hell patch on the Axe I use a compressor, tube drive, two delays in parallel to the main signal chain, a chorus or rotary to get swirly stereo effect, and a multitap delay with lowpass filter also in parallel to the main signal chain. So I really go all out to get as close as I can. Would the Helix run out of CPU? And most importantly how does it sound? I'm sure there are lots of Gilmour afficianados who'd like to hear some of these tones as well!
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