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  1. Cheers spaceatl! Tho when I run it like the top pic it sounds fantastic but it's almost like a single path again, any effect in the dual path effects both the guitar and mic signal. Why is that? Do I need to pan? Or maybe I need to leave a gap before the dual path like vintage pre > gap > dual path > etc? Thanks!
  2. Not sure if that made sense but can i have?: Vintage Pre > Split A (guitar) & B (mic) paths each with individual eq and effects > join at the mixer > etc... Like this below? Because the signals sound really rich, clear, just not independent. Because when its like this below it sounds weak and bad for some reason?
  3. Hi Guys and gals! I have a question about the placement of the Vintage preamp. Im running a split path Top for acoustic and bottom for mic. Originally I had the vintage pre at the start of each path but it sounded negligible and average at best. Then I shifted the vintage pre to first spot then split the paths. Wowzer it sounded amazing!! Buuuuttt I then effectively have 1 path I think as all effects (eq and boost) afterwards effect both guitar and mic even tho it's split. Why does the preamp sound so much better like this? Do I need to start with the mixer and pan guitar left, mic right (i run mono out anyway) then split paths, then have the preamps? Maybe pramp, then panned mixer, then split? Help haha! Thanks.
  4. Hi all! So I'm enjoying my HD500 (yea i only just bought one in 2018 in great condition second hand) for use with something not generally thought of but for solo acoustic shows. I will also use it for electric gigs with a band (1% of gigs) in the same way but this question is about specifically getting a unity gain signal out of the 1/4" output for Acoustic gigs so venues that have an XLR to In-House can get neither a too quiet nor a too loud signal. These venues take this signal and plum it off to their amp and usually control their level from an iPad. If the signal is weak i guess i'll have to readjust my master output coz they'll not have enough level and if its too loud it could result in a lot of bleeding ears and equipment damage etc. I have a pedalboard with the unit and Roland kick trigger in it where everything, vocal mic, acoustic and kick trigger (into effects return) is setup. I have done 2 gigs so far and it already sounds good but just with my own equipment not into a venues in-house. My paths are as follows: Path/Input #1: Guitar (with active pickup at max) > Vintage Pre > EQ > Tube comp (for boost) > AMP DISABLED > Both join at Mixer > Reverb > Effects Loop > Looper Path/Input #2: Mic > Vintage Pre > EQ > AMP DISABLED > Both join at Mixer > Reverb > Effects Loop > Looper Roland Kick: Effects loop return > Looper (this only seems to work when the Effects loop is disabled, why haha?) (if there is some way to get the Looper to only record the guitar id love to know!) Note: Unit switches = Guitar in is at "Normal" and 1/4" output is at "Line" I then use a mono 1/4' to XLR cable to my powered speaker, the XLR out of this speaker will go to the venues In-House. So i did notice that when i disabled the effects on the guitar path it was a lot louder signal, and the mic had distortion and some signal noise so i should be able to fix that no worries... My real question is that without the HD500 having a sound meter or clipping meter how do i know where to set the guitar pickup level and whats the correct way to achieve this? Is it at the mixer? Maybe its at the master output? Obviously on a real mixing desk you set the fader at 0 and bring up the gain pot so its kinda just in the orange. Is there some software on the computer that emulates a mixing desk that i could hook up via USB and play into to test signal level? Can the HD500 Edit software do it? Sorry for all the questions haha! My thought is to start fresh with the 2 paths (no effects or amps), leave guitar pickup at max, adjust desired Mic volume output to match with the trim pot, then add effects preamps/eq's etc that are not boosting or cutting volume. Would be great to hear everyones thoughts if that all makes sense, Thanks :)!
  5. Yea thanks pfsmith0 fantastic stuff thankyou!!! :)
  6. Yep tho my aim is to have a balanced sound pre mixed as best i can because at some of the venues i play at, i plug the XLR into their 'in-house' wall socket and it goes to their amp they control with volume only. The speaker is an amp yes, but i didn't want to fiddle with the EQ on it as its not practical to reach and doesn't change the 'line-out' signal to the venues in-house. So i should have started that sentence with "Pretend I'm not using an amp..." haha my bad. Problem solved tho! For some reason after i registered it and when i updated everything through Line 6 monkey, the Acoustic amp is there (plus heaps others) and so is the use of the EQ :). Hope i haven't charged the previous owners credit card with all the amp packs lol. My only problem now is the XLR outputs are faulty i think... Really weak (too weak for a mic level) and crackly. 1/4" is fine tho, so i can use my 1/4" to XLR lead. Thanks all for your help on this one!!!
  7. Ok thanks all I've learnt some stuff now! What a bummer that its not assignable to be used AS the global eq when no amp is selected. Everything else seems fiddly for on the fly on a dark stage and an EQ pedal through the effects loop (while a great idea) defeats the purpose of this all in one unit. Guess its just not designed to be run without an amp selected. That being said the use of a flat response super clean amp might work. Someone has mentioned using the Ampeg flip top. Otherwise i may have to get the Vintage model pack. Dont suppose i can just buy the acoustic amp itself?
  8. Thanks pianoguyy! Im not using an amp in any physical (one that has weight)or digital (pod) form as i want an uncoloured sound, its 'disabled' as its an actual acoustic guitar (not sim) and mic patch. Just out of the HD500 into the speaker. Would just like an overall EQ for the dual sound. Should the one in the pic still work if there is no 'amp' selected? :)
  9. Oops forgot to mention that I'm going to go straight out of the HD500 (panned left) XLR output into my powered speaker (no mixer or guitar amps etc). The powered speaker does have bass and treble controls but i want to leave it flat and tweak tone from the HD500 itself for ease on the fly. Cheers
  10. Hi all! Im new to the POD HD500 (yea i bought an old one cheap)so this might be an easy fix. Or not haha... I play acoustic and sing so have setup a dual path, input #1 as guitar, input #2 as mic (XLR input). Both paths start with a 'disabled' amp then split into the required EQ settings, comp boost, then rejoin to the reverb unit, volume pedal etc. Looks like this: So my question is how can i use the physical EQ knobs for tweaking overall tone (of the above patch) at various gigs/rooms? Is this ^ whats called "Global EQ" or GEQ"? Hoping its just a setting somewhere or it can be assigned to the mixer. Thanks in advance! Clint
  11. Ok thanks! Ive just had a learn about IR's. Pretty cool! Yea the mic input is important for me so i think the HD500 will work well. Once i learn it lol.
  12. Thanks, i picked a HD500 in excellent condition up a couple of days back here in Queensland Australia for $250 (think thats pretty good). Gotta learn how to use it now haha :). If you know how to still use the physical EQ knobs on the top of the unit (GEQ?) when there is no amp selected ('disabled' for acoustic) let me know!? I'll have a read of the manual or start a thread if not. Cheers
  13. To throw an about $200 cheaper spanner in the works... As an acoustic guitarist, vocalist, i'd go the older HD500X that way he can run 2 seperate input paths and effects chains, 1 for the guitar and the other for his mic (non condenser) through the XLR as the input 2. Disable amp modelling. Waaaaayyyy more options, inputs, full looper, and wah/expression pedal, can be used for electric later also. Correct me if I'm wrong but (sound and processing power aside) there'd be nothing the HX Effects or Helix could do that the HD500X couldn't? Thats what I'm gonna do, and there is no need for a mixer, straight into the PA.
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