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  1. Great, just checking. I gig using L6 extension cab and combo, with analogue pedal board which even after 100’s of outings still surprises me just how good it can sound
  2. Which outlets did you have them plugged into?
  3. You can get 8 Amps. 4 on channel A and 4 on channel B using DTEdit
  4. oscarguitar


    Just swapped the tubes out again on my DT25. 4th set of EH replacements. I gig regularly and I was disappointed with the sound of the amp recently, volume and bass was down, and wondered if a new set of tubes would make a difference. I checked the bais of the old tubes before swapping. 24.9 mV and 34.6 mV. So something was clearly not right. New ones biased to 25mV, gig last night and order is restored. Checked the bias again this morning and made a minor tweak. But the tone is back. That Laney 30BL is gonna have to wait.
  5. Don’t change the tubes without biasing. It’s not difficult but you need to have your wits about you as it can be dangerous. If you are unsure take it to a pro. Where did you get your tubes from?
  6. Some DT50 had duff transformers. Do a search on here for details. But it sounds like it’s not a home fix.
  7. Mine did that in rehearsal, new tubes and the tube protection fuse was the cure. Hopefully some for you.
  8. Check the tube protection fuse before you get it checked by a tech. If the tubes go they often take the fuse out. Mine certainly has/ does. It's a weird fuse so be prepared to search around for it. Remember to have it re-biased as well. Otherwise the tube will just go again.
  9. That's the one. Same as DT 25 but I wasn't sure about the DT50.
  10. Try a reset. If the amp was used when you got it, there could be some old settings stored. I'm not sure how to do that on a DT50. And a 50 as a bedroom amp! Unless you blow the doors off you will never hear how good that amp can sound. I Gig regularly with a DT25 combo and extension cab and rarely get it in the sweet spot above 50% master volume. But it sounds stunning when I do.
  11. Oh dear, take cover. Probably need a valve change back to the EH originals and a re-bias. Plenty of threads on here about the subject. The DT 25 will pop when changing to Class A but generally if the valves are good it's a pretty quiet amp.
  12. Does it crackle without anything plugged in? I had similar issue and found out it was a dodgy instrument cable.
  13. I thought he had the head. So no internal speaker just the 112 extension cab 8 ohms and the Marshall cab 8 ohms. So just plug 'em both in the middle pair (B) and play.
  14. Read the back of the amp. It's as easy as A, B, C. If plugging in two 8 ohm speaker cabs use the left hand pair marked A. 1 x 4 ohm or 2 x 8 ohm cabs If a single 8 ohm cab, use one of the middle pair marked B (or two x 16 ohm). If using a single 16 ohm cab, use the right hand single socket. Marked C
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