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  1. How was the sound, I just use the 3lt on its own sometimes through the pa and was wondering if it would be worth adding the Powercab, I am a guitar player with a band..drums and bass, small pubs the 3lt on its own is pretty good. Can you use other powered speakers with the 3lt or are you tied to line 6
  2. I know this is an old post but how do you know what date your L3T is...
  3. jamesy121

    IR responses

    sorry posted in error please remove
  4. Guys considering buying 1 L3T to play with a four piece band, playing covers in around pubs, without using the P.A, and using the L3T as my main amp/ facing out front would this work? we have quite a loud drummer and its real rocky stuff we would do, I just like the idea of getting the pure sounds from the helix, would this be of benefit to me.
  5. sorry posted in wrong section
  6. Spoke to Andertons as its under warranty they are picking it up Friday and will hopefully get it fixed.
  7. Yeah I have done that, hope this is not going to be the start of ongoing problems, getting nervous about using this amp in the future, surly as an almost new amp you shouldn’t be getting probs like this.
  8. Jeez guys Bought my dt 25 amp head in June 2017 from Andertons so only had a few months never gigged, I switched on tonight probably played ok for 10 mins, then there was like a pop and it just went off then came a burning smell almost like a gunpowder/firework smell didn’t see smoke unless i missed it. Any ideas have emailed andertons the problem is, the nearest line 6 service centre is 500 miles away.
  9. Reset everything loaded and found them sorry kinda panicked oops!!!
  10. jamesy121

    HD Vintage pack

    Hi I don't know what the feck I have done but installed the hd vintage pack on my pod 500x, I can see it on my license manager but they are not on the pod itself...I have tried deauthorizing loads of times but still, no sounds where am I going wrong. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards Thicky
  11. I have a dt25 of which I bought the dt112 cab to go with it, this is fine but I also have a Marshall old 1961b 8 ohm twin speaker can I use it with these, if so how would I connect them up to the dt25.
  12. Thanks for the reply, just been told that the DT25 is out of stock pah, but they are delivering the 500x in the meantime so that will give me time to update and have a good look at the effects.
  13. Hopefully, there isn't another thread for this,...but I am about to have delivered a DT 25 with an HD 500x ( I am a lucky boy) I have already a Marshall 4x12 cabinet it is old but still working, is there anything I should be looking for when plugging this in ?? and if anyone has experience of using the Marshall cab, with the DT 25... does it go well. what would be the best way to use this with the HD 500x.
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