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  1. I had my Variax standard came back from being serviced and it came back sounding worse than before. The string height was raised almost to max on the 6,5,4 strings and there's still major fret buzz. I've owned a few guitars and talked to others who agree, I've never seen a difference in string height as drastic as I've seen this one. The 6th sting is about max the 5th is somewhat lower, the 4th string is raised higher, 3 about the same and the 2,1st are lowest about where I like it. This seems to me that the setup was done to compensate for something wrong with the neck or frets. Anybody have any ideas?
  2. Does anybody use the WAH pedal on the pocket POD? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it would be nice to have the wah wah (without having an actual pedal) being done for you. I have a TASCAM guitar trainer that has that sound but its got other limitations and why I don't use it that much, you can't walk around with it. Pocket POD has a "Position", bottom and top frequencies knobs but what's the point if not having the wah wah? Line 6 if you're listening can you add that as a option?
  3. I haven't seen the pocket pod up close. I wish Line 6 would have pictures of what the backside looks like. Anyone who has one, is there a kind of "belt clip" on the back? If not would be nice if Line 6 would consider that for future models.
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