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  1. Psarkissian, The seller sent me the serial # for the guitar: W12020140
  2. As a matter of fact, cruisinon2, the amount asked was in CAD, in USD it's 824+ shipping...
  3. psarkissian, You seem to know a lot about Variax guitars... The guy is asking $1041 for his Variax JTV 69 (2010), do you think this is a good price ?
  4. Thanks for your help ! Here are some pictures.
  5. Hi to all, I want to buy a JTV69, I saw a used one on Reverb website, the seller says it's a 2010. Are there any differences between an old and new model ?
  6. Hi everybody, I wanna buy a VARIAX JTV69. I've seen a used one on Reverb website, the seller says it's a 2010. Is there a difference between an old JTV69 and a brand new model ? Thanks all for your replies,
  7. Hi, When I'm editing a tone with Amplifi Remote (Android) and saving it to my Amplifi 75 hardware, my FBV3 does not update the name but the sound is ok...... Anybody having the same problem ?
  8. I'm looking for a XPS cable kit, any one has one for sale or know where to find it ?
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