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  1. After taking it in to a Line 6 authorized repair place it turned out to be the power supply connector to the digital board was heating up and failed. The tech informed me this also happens to the DT50 as well. He also confirmed the need for the EHX tubes based on the way the digital board interacts with the power section of the amp. If you are looking for a backup set the EHX mid duet is the specific ones needed. Going forward I won't be trying to bias myself after hearing about the intensive burn in protocol for new tubes. I have to say after fixing it and the new tubes it sounds better than it ever has... Hope this helps!
  2. Update: took it in to get it worked on and the first update was it was not showing any plate voltage on he power tubes. Root cause is still unknown... Will post more info as it comes in.
  3. I was playing at band practice and all of a sudden no sound. Power is on and all switches are responding so I figured it had to be a tube. I changed out to my backup set and still no sound. I can see the tubes powering up but still nothing at all. I tried resetting the amp as suggested in the manual and still nothing. Any suggestions on troubleshooting the preamp section or the digital section?
  4. Hoping to make a suggestion to allow Mobile Pod to work with Videos the same way it works with songs. Would be nice to practice and or learn along with some of my Hal Leonard videos using my Sonic Port and Mobile Pod. May not be possible but thought I should ask the Line6 guys...
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