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  1. Well i found that there is a factory reset on the amp, u turn the power on and simultaneously press the voices down and the triode/pentode up for 15 sec. Until voicing 1 apears lit. (Dont touch the standby) http://line6.com/support/manuals/dt50212/ As it says on the dt amplifier midi implementation guide
  2. I think he is referring to my problem with channel A and B sounding completely diferente, and i think he's right from what have been reading the amp can be programed to have 8 different amps, altho i dont know how to do it... The did have a pod hd 500 for a time and I'm thinking he left the amp like this with it.. Might be wrong. Idk, to me it sounds stunning at bedroom lv x) i read the warnings on the dt50 manual and it didn't warn about changing the valves from time to time or to keep the factory brand, but i will change it back when i can afford to buy the old ones and send the amp to line 6.. I guess ill play it as little as possible untill then
  3. Ok ill do that, how much should i expect to pay? Since im here, the amp has one problem that i noticed when my friend bought him self one too (he got blown away by the sound quality), i noticed my A and B channels dont sound the same, for instance the A channel in the voicing IV sounds as clean as it gets and as metal as it gets on the B channel, in his dt50 it sounds the exact same.. Should i be worried, is it an easy fix?
  4. Oh right, i forgot to mention that it's a dt50 1x12 combo... Where can i get the original valves, how much will it cost to swap them? Well, the pop sound happened while i was playing so I wasn't messing with the controls, i would say the amp is pretty quiet, there is a low hum that you cannot hear while playing (that hum turns insane with the volume and master full power, but I'm a bedroom player) and there is a tickling of the valves when powered off, that i read was normal (its my first valve amp..)
  5. Ithe amp has been in my hands for 2 weeks now but the previous owner said he changed the valves arround a year back (when the power transformer died and he sent to line6 to get it fixed) but he said he didnt play much after that.. he probably did the bias himself, the power valves are jj brand and the bias is T1.0Al (if im checking the right thing..)
  6. Hello, today i was practicing at low volume and jumped out of my bench when i heard a loud pop sound coming from the speakers(?), i tested every switch after i heard it, everything seems to works, power valves seem ok, the amp seems to be working fine... But it can't be nothing right? Help? Im kinda worried, spent my savings on the amp secound hand and i don't want to brake it..
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