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  1. How about in the next update for Helix include the "Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer" compressor used on the "Steely Dan" tune" Peg" played by Jay Graydon.
  2. I would use it when I'm on my lap top. All we need is a small audio sample of a few chords and a few lead licks and be able to play the lick thru the HX editor when we hit a keystroke and be able to save the patch for later export to helix. Seems pretty simple to me!
  3. Once I turn the helix on The HD500 became a boat anchor and i sold it that week. Not even in the same league ! It's worth the price but for 3 times the price it better be 3 times as good and i think its way better than 3 times as good!
  4. I used The L2t with the Helix for the first week and was not happy with all the high end brittleness so hooked up the Helix to my DT25 with L6 Link and it sounds amazing. warm, and punchy on any amp block running L6 link with a clean fender type sound ,master volume wide open, volume down on the helix .great High gain sounds and great clean sounds Just starting to mess with pre amp blocks and changing amp topologies on the DT25 with midi from Helix, but so far not convinced this is the way to go. in my opinion A guitar speaker is the way to go and much more natural sounding after all thats what the best sounds of all time have been run through. not a PA speaker unless it was a miked guitar speaker. there is a reason guitar speakers have a frequency response from about 80Hz to little over 5000K. It works!
  5. Anyone want to explain how to change the DT25 amp topologies for the helix with a midi Cable. What type of midi commands are used to get the amp to change and how are they set up? Never messed with midi commands very much except about 25 years ago. thanks
  6. my feet can't see it and neither can my eyes from 6 feet away! LOL but it sure sounds good!
  7. Hey Eddie, I first ran the Helix through the L2t FRFR but didn't care for the over all sound( to brittle from the extra High end) so I connected it to my DT25 with L6 link and set up a really clean fender type patch with the master vol wide open and with pretty flat EQ(12:00 on all the knob or to taste) and it sounds really really great! On any patch from super clean to super high gain and any thing in-between . Effects sound great! its real warm and punchy. Miles above the HD500, will never plug it in again, its that much better. SO the DT50 should Kill. I haven't found a way to change Amp topologies but Its not needed. and I very rarely use the Pre amp blocks. the Amp blocks seem the be louder and puncher, but its really easy to change them when your working on a patch to see which works best. You're going to be really stoked! Anyone need a used HD500 cheap?
  8. When i got my JTV 69, 6 months ago I ordered it with .009s and set up. When I got it it felt like it had .010s on it. so I changed the strings to a new set of .009s and it still felt like it had to much tension or like it had .010s on it. so after some internet research on trem bar set up I saw a mention to the fact that if you use .010s or .011s you should use 3 springs in the rear block area and 2 springs if you're .009s or .008s. and the springs should be parallel not pinched together at the screw plate. Well i took out the center spring, This made the back of the trem lift up on the top body of the guitar due to less tension from the springs ( strings were pulling harder now) by adjusting the screws inside the back cavity toward the neck (tighten) you can pull the trem back down to it original position (check this distance off the body before you begin) and balance the tension and make the guitar stay in tune . Now the guitar plays like it has .009s on it and I'm totally stoked. :D It plays like all my other guitars that have .009s on them. if you are dealing with this issue give this a try. As someone said earlier you can't mess with physics but this boils down to "give and take" or "push and pull" or really or the sum of the spring pull against the string pull which make, total sense .
  9. I have been using 009s and even had sweet water set it up with 009s but when it arrived it felt like it had 010s on it so I assumed they didn't change the strings. So I took the set it came with off and put a new set of 009 cobalts on and it still like it had tens on it. I have six other guitars w 009s on them and they all feel the same but for some reason the JTV69 feels like it has 10s on it. Does anyone know what give it this feeling. Maybe the tension of the springs on the whammy bay? It is a mystery . Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my specific JTV
  10. I just got and L2t for my pod HD 500 and JTV 69 variax . I'm using L6 link from the pod to the L2t and the patches are varying wildly in volume from patch to patch. i would like to set them up to be balanced at a reasonably quite home level but be able to turn up the whole balanced rig once i'm on stage. what the best way to balance the output of the patches from sparkly clean to full on balls and every where in-between on this rig?
  11. great sound from the Pod HD 500 and a DT25 using L6 link. crank the Master on a DT 25 or Dt 50, use a Amp pre, and turn the volume on the patch to a usable level for stage or home and save it. with the tubes cooking in the amp, the whole rig sounds tons better clean or balls! this really works. with the master turned down the distortion seems to sound fizzy! this fixes that problem. just ringing clean sounds and singing lead sounds.
  12. I saw a review of the Pod HD 500 and the Dt 50 0n Guitar Player you tube. The guy was trying to get the line 6 rig to sound as good as an old 72 marshall. You have to turn up an old marshall to get the tubes cooking and it sounds great (no master volume on it). So his theory was to crank the DT50 0r DT25 Master in the same way to get the tubes working and use an Amp pre, in this cast the "Park 75 pre" in the HD 500 connected via L6 link to the DT50. So I tried it and the results were incredible. With the master turned down to 20 to 50 % the rig always sounds kinda Fizzy with a weird edge to the distortion, That I can't stand, but when the Master is cranked to 75 to 100% this thing sings. Clean sounds are cleaner and Balls sounds are ballsier! Now to control the loud volume just turn down the volume on the patch you are using but leave the Master cranked. if you're at home this could be quite a lot, but on stage just turn the volume of the patch, up to match the band volume and save it and your good to go. On the DT25 which I have, Class A = 10 watts and Class AB = 25 watts which i read somewhere . Give this a try It works insanely well. my rig has never sounded this good!
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