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  1. Thanks for the tips. I've kept the 10s on and with the lowered action things are going well. The action may be a little too low because there is some loss of ringing/sustain in the upper registers. It might just be a tradeoff for the improved performance. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this rig.
  2. I don't play much slide actually. Still haven't tried 9s because I wanted to see what it was like after playing for a few more weeks. I lowered the action quite a bit and put some new strings on today. I only notice the 10s when I'm bending in the upper registers for solos and stuff. Right now I'm working on setting up patches for either direct in PA gigs in one set list and getting the identical patches and sounds in a set list that is for when I'm playing through the DT25/L2T setup. Its like setting up entirely different sounds but still doable. I may need to use another setlist for the same sounds but without the JTV and more specific for some traditional guitars that I have and may want to use on occasion.
  3. Thanks. I had't figured out how to go direct in with the HD when I did this. I had it hooked up initially but there was a weird noise everytime I'd play a note. I finally learned that I had to load a driver onto my Mac before the Quicktime would recognize the HD as an audio source (very strange for a Mac that usually gets by without knowingly adding extra drivers). I'll get something up with better audio now that I know how. I'm thinking I'll try the direct out from the HD and then compare the out of the L2T. I'm guessing that if I don't have any modeling activated in the L2T, they should be pretty similar..right?
  4. Did this with the camera mic of an acoustic model out of the L2T. http://youtu.be/YhOSWFYTVLE
  5. That worked for me as well. I was scratching my head wondering where the pristine acoustic sound went from the L2T after I'd switch patches. After pushing save (making sure the L2T was in the acoustic mode) now the L2T is going to the correct setting when selecting an acoustic patch from the HD500. Thanks.
  6. Hi I'm pretty new here. After doing tons of research and viewing nearly every video out there on the subject, I took the plunge and got the dream rig. Initially I started with the DT25 head and 1x12 cab, HD500x, and a red JTV69. I was able to get some great initial tones with it but obviously it was going to take some learning to really get the most out of the rig. However, it became clear that my pre-purchase research was a bit incomplete because I wasn't prepared for the acoustic tones I was getting via the DT25. Some quick reading and, duh, found the problem about trying to emulate acoustic sounds through an amp designed to give electric guitar tones. So I ended up getting the L2T the next day...Best decision I could've made....awesome tones that are amazingly realistic. So I'm planning on programming the HD500x into a few set lists depending on whether I'm using the whole rig live, going only into the L2T for acoustic and electric patches, or going direct to a PA with no on stage amplification. Question about the JTV action. According to Sweetwater, they did some kind of multi point inspection regarding things like action (or so I thought). Anyway, it might just be a personal preference, but the action out of the box seemed a bit high. Then again, I'm used to playing with low action on 9s. So the 10s definitely gave me a bit of a workout the first few times. I started to set it up more to my liking and so far so good. Has anyone tried 9s on the JTV? I'm thinking of trying it out just to see but figured I'd ask if anyone has done it before.
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