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  1. Line6... please respond to this question. what makes the 89F a limited edition? Thx.
  2. using the stage source L3T changed everything for me... flat response and full range intelligent PA speaker is the way to go for digitally modeled sound.. example:POD. the added bonus is that I can also plug my takamine acoustic directly into it and also get great tone... it was worth every penny and I intend to expand my rig to include another L3T and also a L3S.
  3. JTV-89F. POD HD Pro. Korg DTR-1000. Monster Power PRO-900. FBV Shortboard MkII. Mission Engineering EP1-L6. StageSource L3T. MacBOOK air. Logic Pro.
  4. what makes the 89f a limited edition? will they only make so many of these and stop? will these colors be a limited to the inaugural release? ps... just got my 89f from sweetwater... absolutely incredible guitar!
  5. just got my jtv89f :)

  6. I prepaid my jtv89f in July with sweetwater and the delivery date continued to slip... the fact is that no one anywhere has these in stock... perhaps this is what is meant by "llimited edition". so anyway, i got a call from my guy at sweetwater last week about a shipment of dent-n-scratch jtv's that had just arrived from line6. I got a flawless 89f in blood red for $1,049... and so that left me with a credit of +$400 that i spent on other goodies... bottom line is that what ever the defect is... I can't find it... it shipped overnight delivery the next day with v2 firmware already installed. hello... $1,049. !!!
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