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  1. Thanks, it works ! I was always using the HD edit software, that apparently does not save this parameter.
  2. @Iknowathingortwo I'm trying to use a similar rig (JTV-69, HD 500, L3t) but I'm disappointed with the electric patches, that sound much thinner than with a DT-25. I'm curious what output mode you use on the DT-25, and what speaker mode on the L3t. Could you share some of your patches ?
  3. My setup : JTV - HD500 - L3t stagesource, all linked up through L6 Link I'm trying to setup a few patches, for acoustic in electric sounds It appears that the L3t "speaker mode" is not saved in the patches. This actually prevent using the "Acouctic" speaker mode foe acoustic sounds, and back to "electric" speaker mode for electric work. Actually, it appears that the L3t goes back to "electric" mode when changing patch. Is there a way to overcome this ? To save the "speaker mode" status somehow ? Also, when connected to L3t, the HD500 defaults to "combo power amp" for output and the L3t to "Electric" speaker mode. Is this the way it's supposed to be ? Are we supposed to program our patches (including acoustic ones) to that setup once and for all ?
  4. For acoustic sounds using JTV and Pod HD, I found elsewhere in the forums the trick to use the effect loop "send" of the HD to route the signal to a dedicated acoustic amp, with no "return" cable. Strangely enough, using "no amp" on the HD and routing the final HD signal to the acoustic amp produces quite a different (and bad) sound, which can be considered a bug. Although this trick works fine, it actually prevents you from using you HD effect loop for something else, e.g. when using it withe JTV electric models routed to a DT amp. For those of you using JTV, POD HD and StageSource, could you confirm that you can can decent electric AND acoustic sound on the StageSource, and conveniently switch between them without having to fiddle with the HD effects loop ?
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