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  1. I'll apologize ahead of time, because this has probably already been asked. Ive been searching for about an hour and cannot find anything. I just bought a Helix floor unit in the last couple of months and it has firmware version 2.01.0 installed on it. I have not installed any software on my computer. Reading the 2.21release notes is confusing because of this. Seems like I need to download software on my mac first in order to back up the Helix. Is this correct, and what is it called/version, etc.? Once I do this I can back-up and follow the release notes. Is this correct? Thanks so much!
  2. mayopat

    Naming Snapshots

    Hi all. I am 2 weeks new to the Helix and so far, love everything I hear. I am having an extremely basic problem, but cannot figure it out working through the manual. I have created snapshots within a preset, have name the snapshots (I see the names when I go into the preset menu), but the names will not show up on my display. The actual effects are what show up. I've gone into global settings and changed the display the have 4 pedals on top, 4 snapshots on the bottom, but it does not look this way. I am in snapshot mode by pressing the two switches to the left and it says snapshot. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. I own a dream rig with the DT-25 and I read about using two amps simulataneously with dual tones off the HD500. Can this also be done using one DT-25 as well as one of the Stagesource Speakers (L2T, I believe)? I.E., would you get the same functionality as having the two DT-25's? Has anyone done this?
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