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  1. I have the 'dream rig'. I have become more and more frustrated trying to get decent usable live tones from the rig to the point where I'm thinking of chopping it in for a guitar, an amp, and a couple of FX pedals. Glen Delaune has some wonderful sounding patches which I bought but when I changed the amps in the patches to the 'Pre' version, the sound died. When I try to ramp up the volume, it sounds like I'm playing through an old 5w Tandy (RadioShack in the US) blown speaker underwater. Now, if I leave the patches as they are; using the non-Pre amps models, the sound is great. My question therefore is why should I bother with the Pre's? Am I using the valves in my DT25 head as they were intended or am I in some what bypassing all of the goodness in the rig by using the full modelled amps? For reference here is my setup; JTV59p connected with VDI to HD500 connected with AES/EBU via L6 link to DT25 head connected with 2 x mono 6.3mm to 2 x L6 1x12 cabs Global inputs on the HD500 are set to Varian 1 and Aux 2
  2. Quite recently my DT25 has been acting weird. First, it started with an unusually loud "thump" when turning the speaker on from standby (after the DT warms up a bit of course in standby). Then I've noticed sounds that shouldn't be there when strumming chords on a clean setting (single strings sound OK). And I've noticed that switching between pentode and triode modes also causes an unusually loud "thump". Finally, a worrisome "thump" is also heard if I disable the AMP on my POD500. In general, I've come to somewhat fear these thumps, as it seems to me something isn't working (or isn't operated) as it should. I cherish my DT and would prefer it to keep rocking on. Any idea what it could be and what should I do to alleviate the problem? EDIT: I've realized I've never updated the firmware on the DT25. While the problem above doesn't seem like a firmware issue, I'm also kind of wondering if I can even DO a firmware update with "Dream Rig"...?
  3. OK, here's something that just started to happen out of the blue for no apparent reason. When I turn on the processing effects on my Variax, the whole setup (Dream Rig) goes mute. It doesn't matter if I turn them off again, there's no sound. It'll remain like so until the POD off and back on. It doesn't matter if I turn the effects using the guitar knob or the POD settings. In both cases the system goes mute. What could possibly be the issue? I don't even know if this is a problem with the guitar or the POD.
  4. Hello all, I am tweaking patches for a church gig today, and find one of them needs the volume lowered to be leveled with the other songs in the set. I am using my HD500 through a DT25, with a JTV 69. On the HD500, I move the volume control to the level I want, noting that the "notch" on the LED shows the old position. I click "Save" twice to save the settings. I then can see that the notch has moved to the correct place. super. However, when I switch to another patch, then back, the notch (and volume level) have moved back to the original location. Why can't I save over the patch? Any ideas/suggestions? Anyone else having this trouble? Dave
  5. I have a JTV89F purchased in June 2016 and has worked flawlessly through my old Flextone III Then in March this year purchased a DT25 amp and cab and a PODHD500X All hooked up using L6 link cable and digital interface lead Last 3 times I have used the guitar the sound randomly cuts out, if I'm runing delays or echo i can still hear the effect fade so the amp and Pod are most likely not the cause. There is no specific time when this occurs could be after 5 min, 10 min or half and hour and it cuts out randomly, might be for 1 second or up to maybe 5 seconds and then the sound comes back. After this occurs I've usually had enough and turn everything off and have a break. The light remains on the model selector switch so the guitar is still getting power. I use the guitar with the battery removed and in March I made sure all the firmware on each device was up to date. Any ideas
  6. Hi, I have a DT50, JTV89 and the HD500X. Is there an expert dream user in the West London area (Chiswick, Ealing, Isleworth) who is willing and able to set my rig up correctly and give me some tutoring? Willing to pay for your time. Thanks, H
  7. Many threads have been started about how the overdrives and distortions are not the strong points of the POD HD series. However, there are some great blind tests on YouTube that show they actually do a great job modelling the real units they are based on. That leads me to believe that its not a weakness of the POD but rather the models themselves are dated compared to some of the ones in use today. Instead of asking for new amp models (I think the ones we have are plenty anyways) perhaps we would be better off with a collection of new overdrive and distortion models. I imagine these are easier to program than a complete amp but I could be wrong. Anyways, lets start a list of ultimate OD pedals that we would like to see in a future update. Here is my selection to get started: 1, Fulltone OCD V3 2. Wampler Sovereign 3. Wampler Triple Wreck What overdrive or distortion pedals would you add to the list?
  8. I made a discovery this weekend whis was important for me, but which was probably painfully obvious to everyone else. Apologies, for the rambling that's about to follow. When I get excited my ability to communicate is . . . compromised I know that the Helix/DT combo is a completely different animal than the HD/DT one. But I've been trying to make my Helix and DT50 interact as similarly as I can. The first step, of course is to use DTEdit to blank the preamp modeling for all four voicings on Channels A & B. Then blank the mic/cab modelling for the direct output. What that leaves you with is basically a DT power amp section. Some have success picking a Voicing, Operating Class, and Tube Configuration and just leaving it. Then running all of their presets through that. I'm sure that sounds amazing, but i knew there had to be more. Pretty much every parameter of the DT can be controlled via midi. The aforementioned three, Channel Selection, EQ, Reverb, And the "hidden" parameters unique to the DT50; 12AX7 Boost, Phase Inverter Voltage, Topology, and Feedback Capacitor Type. So my goal became to use midi to make the Helix/DT sound and behave as much like the real thing as possible. In an earlier thread, I discovered how to use the midi instant commands. So I tried to figure out how to set it up so that when I selected a preset, the commands would fire to set up the DT50 to mimic the power section of whatever preamp I was using. So which parameters to assign to the Instant Commands? Well the EQ and channel volume controls are disabled when you clear out the preamp models, so I can forget those. I have reverb in my patch if I need it, so cross that off. Which leaves me with seven: 1) Channel/Voicing 2)Operating class 3) Pentode/Triode, 4) 12AX7 boost, 5) Phase Inverter B+ voltage, 6) Phase Inverter type, 7) Topology It's a bit of a hassle to program all those midi commands at the start, but worth it I hope. There's just one problem. There are only six instant command slots available. So which parameter can I leave out? So I used DarrellM5's spreadsheet, which contains all of the default power amp settings from the HD500 So I hooked my DT up to HDEdit and starting with those, Then I began to set the rest to see which were most important to getting my the sound I was looking for and which I could leave out. Which leads me to the discovery that is the inspiration for this post. ALL of those settings can be saved can be saved to a voicing slot in DT Edit - Channel A: I, II, III, IV or Channel B: I, II, III, IV For example, I have a Plexi patch which calls up Channel A, Voicing II. When I load it up I can, using only one Instant Command, change the DT settings to Class AB, Pentode, 12AX7 Boost on, Topology II, Phase Inverter B+ voltage to High, and Feedback Capacitor to X. All to match the way Line 6 sets them up (which I assume are the settings they settled on after examining all the gear they modeled) Or I can change it to anything I want. All with only one midi instant command. A couple down sides. One, you're limited to the 8 Voicing slots available. Two, at least with the Plexi, which is the only one I've really worked with so far, the DT Master works in the same way, the volume control would on the real amp. You have to get pretty loud to get any sort of distortion happening. But when you do, it's glorious! Then back off the volume on your guitar, ease up on your attack and you can get those beautiful "clean, but on the verge of breaking up" tones. I love it with my MIM strat with CS '69s.
  9. I'm considering assembling a DT25 dream rig. In a nutshell, what are the advantages/disadvantages/differences between using an HD500 and HD500X. I know the "X" comes with more bells and whistles, but are those extras worth it from a dream rig perspective? I completely understand a lot depends on how much flexibility/how many features I may personally want. But like buying a cell phone, I don't want to pay for stuff that sounds impressive that in real world applications, I'll never use. As a point of reference, I primarily work in a touring act that does a tribute to the 60s Brit Invasion and American Classic Rock/Pop. However, I also work with an 80s tribute and sit in on shows that run the gamut from Standards to Metal. I currently have a Flextone III rig with JTVs. At present, I essentially use 6 basic user presets with different effect combinations. Working "globally" like this allows a generalize preset to work across most musical styles. Kind of a one size fits all strategy. Ultimately, I would like to be able to program custom presets for specific songs, and perhaps free up my hands from manual JTV switching between songs. Hoping to get some feedback from others who pondered the choice of HD Pod to get. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, Long ago, I had a DT50 112 combo. But do to lack of space and funds, I was forced to sell it. Since the, I've been playing my HD500 and now Helix thru a pair of l3ts. It's been great, but I've read accounts of people saying how great it sounds when the play their Helices thru tube power amps and I had to know if I was truly missing out. I don't have room for a combo or half stack and I have to keep it down at home, so this is what I've settled on. I got a great deal on a used DT50 head and set it on top of my l3ts. Then I got a Weber Mass III attenuator to help me turn the Master up, but keep the volume down. For electric sounds, I'll go from Helix via L6Link to the DT50. Then take the Direct Out into the back of one l3t, then out the thru jack to the other. For acoustic/synth sounds, I'll go from Helix to the side inputs of the l3ts. It's still a work in progress and I'm still getting familiar with all the moving parts. I've updated the firmware and downloaded DTedit, but I still need to follow Colonel Forbin's and radatats's procedures for prepping the DT50 to play nice with Helix. Does anyone have any advice or see any pitfalls with this setup?
  11. Wth the release of Amplifi and now Helix, none of which enhances The Dream rig, could it be that we have come to the end of the road? No worries if we have. I can get everything I need from my JTV, HD500 and DT50, DT25 and L2M but MAN.... how cool would it be to get something that was totally and specifically dedicated to taking the Dream Rig over the top!
  12. I purchased this amplifier from WWBW to use up a store credit, but it's way more amp than my DT25, and way more than I need, so I never put it into service. New DT50's are becoming rare nowadays...$795, (+ship), if purchased via this forum. No nonsense here, check my eBay credentials, and feel free to contact me via eBay, which should confirm my ID, or thru this forum. Regards, Verle Vvvvman - ebay user ID Also listed on the Grand Rapids, Michigan Craigslist
  13. I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find the answer What is recommended when you are running 2 DT's and a Stage source speaker in terms of order? Which one should come first, second and third out of the Pod? Does it matter? Thanx
  14. Just to let you all guys know that I have finally cracked how to control this beast after a few months of trying...! Without a doubt THIS IS a dream rig.... This is a Godsend for us one man band cover musicians that can do pretty much anything I want so far.. The tones I'm getting with my JTV69, HD500x and the L2T are just amazing and in a band context they SHINE Apart from the known issues with my JTV69 ghost notes and the dreaded high E string sticking of the neck this system is PERFECTION...! thanks a lot Line 6...! have a great weekend my friends... Charles :)
  15. I play very little high gain stuff in the band but have noticed that when I do need a tone more saturated than my usual crunch I struggle to get it to cut through. I am using an JTV-VDI-HD500-L3m as the rig. I seem to get the best results with the Treadplate but I would be interested to see how you guys set up the patch to cut through. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi chaps, could anyone explain, in real idiot's guide style, how to set the L6 Link controls in my presets. Most presets I download seem to be set to Midi Ch 1 but the user guide and all the line 6 videos seem to suggest Amp A (Ch 1). This setting is never available to me, only Amp A (Ch 2). What does all this mean? When I change these settings "on the fly", it's definitely switching the topology on my DT25 so which setting is correct? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  17. There I was, recording my little heart out and I needed som wah-wah. As per usual, HD edit crashed (as it always does when using the on board expression pedal) I didn't want to go through the process of shutting down my DAW so I hit the "ok" button knowing that this will erase all of my patches except the one that I am using at the moment. I figured that I would stay in my creative flow and do the whole shutting down and rebooting process after I finished recording this one little passage. The genius that I am, I decided to try something new. I hit the send All button on the HD edit. AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH! ALL OF MY PATCHES ARE GONE! Why did I do that! And NO! I didn't have a back up! Hours of tweaking gone! But you know what? This is exactly what I needed! I reflashed the POD and got the factory bundle reinstalled. I basically have a brand new pod to play with but this time around I have a lot of experience behind me. I'm not trying to figure out how the POD works. I can just dive in and start creating patches that make sense and have them in an order that makes sense. Save my bundles and set lists in a manner that makes sense! Sure, I have lost some presets that I really liked. Presets that took me a long time to dial in. But a lot of that time was spent figuring out the difference between eq's and the different modulation types, mic options, DEP stuff and so on. I am going from "I wonder what will happen if....", to "I know what will happen when..." So recreating my lost patches has been pretty simple so far. I had run so deep down the POD rabbit hole, that it is oddly refreshing and exciting to have to start over. And here is something that I NEVER thought would be possible; a lot of the factory presets sound pretty darn good to me! I know that is crazy talk but it's true! Yes there is some stuff that is just plain goofy (Mysterious Wei comes to mind) but I am finding that I like quite a few of the factory offerings. Where as before, I had written them all off as garbage. So that is my tale of disaster and the Lotus flower that has risen from the ashes! Pretty cool in my mind! But seriously Line 6, you gotta do something about the crashing HD Edit expression pedal issue! It is REALLY ANOYING!
  18. Curious to know how Dreamers are pairing JTV models with amp models. The JTV models sound great when recording but they take on a "hollow" even "microphonic" quality to them when playing through the DT. Does anyone else experience the same thing? Share what works for you. Thanx!
  19. Howdy all! Has anyone tried a dual tone patch using a DT50 and a DT25? I notice most posts about about dual tones are using either 2 DT50's or 2 DT25's or a DT and L series. Care to share what model selection works best for which amp in this configuration? Thanx
  20. So I came home from work to find that my dog had gone into my studio and chewed my Pod hd500x power supply and the VDI cable for my JTV. I ordered replacements the next day from sweetwater and was pleasantly surprised to find that Line 6 has upgraded the cables jacket that is more like a normal 1/4 inch guitar cable style. It's a great improvement on the plastic jacket on the older version. It doesn't twist up so bad and doesn't hold the memory of being coiled up. Any way good job Line 6 it's nice to see improvement. :D
  21. How do I get this configured? This is what I have: Variax VDI-->HD500-->DT25-->DT50-->L2M This is what I want to do: Variax mags to the DT25 (J45) & DT50 (Divide by 13) Variax acoustic to the L2M. I'm stumped on how to make this happen. Thanx
  22. My rig consists of JTV59 - VDI cable - HD500 - L6 link - L3m. I am getting some fantastic tones and am really pleased with the set up but I have only had the L3m for a few weeks and wonder whether the tone could be EVEN better. I have the speaker mode set to 'electric guitar', output mode set to 'studio/ direct' and the physical switch on the top of the HD500 in the line position. My amp blocks are all full amps rather than pre. Are these the recommended settings or is there something else I can try? I should be happy with the sound I've got but, hey, I'm a guitarist and therefore never satisfied!!! Any comments greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello everyone I think I finally found a rig that can do pretty much anything I need for my one man show. I'm very excited because it's so friggin convenient and it does sounds good. I still have a few quirks to iron out so hope that with this thread you can help me and a few others have a 100% Dream Rig system. 1. I'm going out of my HD500x via L6 to the L2T XLR out of the L2T to my Bose L1M2B2 Tonematch small console. Doing in it this way I'm getting the exact same sound of the L2T is getting and switching from acoustic to electric presets. I'm getting a Hum on the Bose from the L2T XLR that I need to get rid of ASAP Any ideas how to do this correctly? 2. I can also go XLR out of the HD500x to the Bose Tonematch console but the signal level drops BIG time and the hum goes down too. Still getting the L2T sounding great via the L6 cable and all the switching from acoustic to electric just fine. 3. Is there a better way in doing this and to control the volume on the L2T? 4. I'm getting great tone even direct from the HD500x to the Bose T1 console and I'm all about convenience and be as lightweight as possible Are any of you with me on this?… plus I can save myself some $$$ returning the L2T and have one less box to carry. The convenience of having a dedicated GTR monitor is great too I'm just asking because from another point of view I think is good to have all the sounds coming out of one source in this case the Bose L1M2B2 system. 5. Is there a way I can control the volume of the L2T other than the Master knob on the HD500x? Just want to know all the options available to have full control of the system and don't be slaved to knobs all over. 6. It would be great if you can explain your signal flow, system setup [ipads…etc…] Pictures or videos can make a big difference explaining things so I would appreciate if you guys can do that. thanks a lot for your help regards, Charles
  24. Take a gander at these 4 tunes... All guitar work is mic'd through the DT50 using a JTV 69 and a Pod HD 500 All songs written and performed by yours truly on my Mac. I am learning how to use Logic Pro 9 and believe you me, there is a lot to learn! Baby Mama= * The chicken scratch guitar is the f hole Tele body with lip stick pickups through the Blackface pre on the hd * The guitar that doubles the horn is one of the hollow body guitars (sorry cant remember which one) with a single neck P-90 through a Gibtone * The Chunky guitar in the middle is a Gibson Lp with a classic pickup in the bridge through a Gibtone with a tube driver Cadillac= This one was fun! Lot of stuff going on so I'll stick to the highlights. * Intro is the Baritone Guitar through the Gibtone and tube screamer * All of the spacey guitar sounds are a sitar reverbed to the max through the vocoder * Clean rhythms are the JTV 69 mag pickups through the Blackface Pre. Though I think I went direct on this one (No DT) * I'll have to get back to you on the lead 'cause I can't remember * There are a lot of samples and crap going on, Its hard to remember what is what. Rooter Tooter = * Clean rhythms are the stock semi that came with the JTV 69 * Lead is the Gibtone and tube driver using the JTV Neck pickup * The outro bass and guitar doubling is the JTV Bridge pickup through the Dr Z and The Park * The picking at the end is through the Rickenbacher model using the blackface dbl. My Wife = * The clean is Rickenbacher model with lipstick pickups through a blackface dbl. * The lead is the JTV 69 Neck and middle (not at the same time) * I used the exp pedal to control the delay volume toward the end of the solo. see if you can hear it! I'm sure I left out a lot so if you have questions, Fire Away! Grab yourself some good headphones, Crank it up! I Love my Dream Rig!
  25. Situation: Bought a black JVT-59 on eBay. Workbench HD recognizes it as JVT-89. The guitar model dials do not correspond to the sounds coming out. Flash memory has been applied (though no lights flash red or otherwise) and no change. Models change in Workbench HD but do not stick. This may also be why the 2nd on 4th positions don't work (with push of tuning knob) as I understood they should. I am accessing through POD HD 500x (Dream Rig) and a MacBook Pro. 10' VDI cable from guitar>POD HD>Laptop I have followed all reset instructions, flash memory and have scoured this forum. Any help would be great.
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