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  1. Yes, but only one footswitch. It's intermittent and a reboot on the POD solves it. It's irritating but not the end of the world...I just don't assign anything crucial to the offending switch.
  2. I use p.a. mode with full rather than pre amp models with the pod set to 'studio direct' and I'm really pleased with the results. When I first got my L3 I tried electric guitar mode with pre models and to my ears the tones didn't sound quite as full.
  3. I sometimes use backing tracks which have had the guitars digitally removed if I can get hold of the track. When you think you have nailed the tone play along with the tune to see how it sound 'in the mix'. Sometimes a bit of extra tweaking is required to get even closer to the tone. I use this web site http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ Good luck
  4. Is there an option to turn the mute function off when in tuner mode? I seem to remember seeing it. If so you could turn the mute function off. It won't stop the POD going into tuner mode but at least you'll still be heard as a stopgap until you solve the problem.
  5. I seemingly had a problem with one of the footswitches periodically not working. This had been going on for a few weeks but I hadn't done anything about it, when a new FW was released. I reflashed to the new FW and the problem went away. Must have been some sort of software glitch. For once my procrastination worked in my favour!!
  6. I've had my JTV 59 for a couple of years now. I gig with it as my primary guitar every week and I love it.
  7. I had a similar problem when I replaced my power supply with a 3rd party one. Switched back to a L6 power unit and all was well.
  8. I have the opposite problem....mine WON'T break. Iv'e dropped it down some stairs (winced every time it a step) and our singer was kind enough to kick a pint of beer all over it during a gig. Wiped it with a beer towel and voila! If truth be told it needed a bit of a dust ;)
  9. When I was 4 or 5 my dad would play his guitar while I sang Cilla Black songs....rock n roll eh? When I was a little older my dad showed me a few chords but I didn't really get into it until I heard The Jam in the late 70's. They were so cool I said to myself "I wanna do that!". I had about six months of lessons which was enough to play most Jam songs (great songs but not that complicated). Once I could play The Jam I thought I was the Dogs B#llocks so stopped my lessons and taught the rest to myself.....that's why I have SO MUCH bad technique!
  10. I struggled with getting the Stagesource modes to save 'per patch'. I found if you try to save it through HD Edit it doesn't always save but if you save it by hitting save on the POD itself it usually does. It is a bit temperamental though! Hope that helps.
  11. Although I am very jealous, welcome back anyway ;)
  12. What Silverhead said! I sometimes run my HD500 through a pair of small, pretty cheap M Audio speakers (cost £99 new) and they sound great and take up hardly any room. Link below http://www.m-audio.com/products/view/av42#.VZU7k_lViko
  13. Yes, Workbench HD is a free download. Just make sure you are downloading the correct version for your operating system.
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