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  1. Thanks for your help mate I think that's what it will have to be.take it back.
  2. I followed the order that line 6 recommended when updating but this was happening even before updates my pod is nearly completely empty apart from factory presets and 4 tones I've made.
  3. Thanks mate ,I Haven't used any other supply but the line 6 one provided with purchase. Have you heard of anyone else having these issues? I really need a solution quickly😔
  4. My pod hd500x keeps crashing and reloading when I'm playing. Seems to be when I switch between banks (a b c d). I've done a factory reset and installed the latest firmware flash etc and newest version of edit and monkey but seems to be getting worse. Beginning to think this thing is a lemon. I've only made 5 of my own tones on it. The rest is factory presets. Please help it's driving me mad.
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